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A new studio and game, why?

That is a question I get from a lot of people, why leave CIG and start another Crowd funded project?

And, it is a good question, and I really wish there was some juicy meaty story behind it, but alas, there isn't.

The reasons for my leaving CIG are posted here:


That is really all there is too it, and it was not an easy choice, I have been working with Chris and Erin for decades, and will be watching what they are up to, and how they go about delivering that epic game.

But, I have always wanted to do something a little smaller, and focused more upon a quick arena based game play. There has been a game cascading around in my head for more than 10 years, and I finally get to make it, and that is a massive draw in itself.

We want to make "Ships That Fight Underground" as compelling experience as possible, but make no mistake, phase one of the game, is just that, the first phase in building an entire new universe built on our near future and in our solar system (well at least to start).

We are doing the Multiplayer first so that we can balance out all of the 6 ship types, and let the teams and individual users customize them, and with the maps and environments being interactive, we are looking to create emergent game play from putting that flexibility in the players hands.

Imagine launching a mining drone - that is slowly boring it's way through a wall creating a new passageway, and you run across it, blow it up, and then back into the cubby hole waiting for your prey like a space based Moray eel? Or perhaps you drop into the lava to mine some ore while your shields fight to hold...

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