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Week 2 MVP

Greetings All!

This week's MVP award is given to a member who has stayed incredibly active within our community and shared with us a great concept for a Drone Fighter.

Congratulations, FireDragon!

Our team especially enjoyed your post on December 15, "Drone fighter concept (paper)"


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Everyone else, remember! Our MVP badge is awarded every week to to a member who has represented the game in a positive way (creativity welcome!).

- Whitener

A New Year a new beginning

Hello Descendents !
It is 2015, and we are all basking in the glory of a new year, and things are no different at Descendent Studios.

Mike Morlan is back, and he and I and his team at Tall Tale pictures are working out the details of a new show, and how we can work that into STFU etc.

He has a talented team at Galactic Inquiry, and we want to integrate the best of Wingman's hangar and Galactic Inquiry to take the show to new heights.

We are also looking at launching our crowd funding campaign, still working on the details with our marketing and social media folks and will have more on that later.

In addition, we are working on something rather large that would be announced when we go to our crowd funding - hopefully late this month or early next month.

We should soon be taking on Subscribers at a reduced rate - which will be locked in - to allow those of you that are interested in helping out and getting early benefits, to have a way to get in before everyone else.

Let's just say that getting to be involved in a weekly design meeting and having access to our "Proving grounds" where we test new weapons will be part of that subscription.
So, lots happening in 2015, and we will do it together - thank you all for your continued support - let's do this !


Tensions Heat Up in Infamous "Meatloaf" Sector

Panspermia Weekly News


Tensions Heat Up in Infamous "Meatloaf" Sector

by Alexis Doolyn

“We’re just first year inductees, but every one of us knows not to fly into The Meatloaf. Not if you want to keep your limbs.”

Three green pilots sit in the rec yard of the prestigious Vladivostok Academy. Beyond the razor fence of the school compound an acid bog bubbles in the sun. Uniformed children from a nearby school gather water from condensation collectors. It is a beautiful day.

As student Lillian Margrove talks, her peers Leon Franco and Bo Stitz joke and tell their own stories about space’s most feared no-man’s land.

“It’s like the Boogeyman. Every miner’s worst nightmare,” says Stitz. “So it’s really exciting to think, soon, people can fly into it.”

The Meatloaf, also known the BY6 Epsilon debris field, is probably Earth’s best known graveyard of foolhardy miners. So named for its 412 documented fatalities, The Meatloaf is a dizzying mass of meteoroids, jagged ice and broken ship hulls.

Daredevil treasure hunters visited frequently during the first years of the Space Race, each trying to find safe entry. Few found more than swift death.

Most tragically, The Meatloaf became infamous for ending the career of Johann Valspex. The famed fighter ace, known for his odd twin-tailed light craft and acrobatic dogfighting skills, boasted he would fly to The Meatloaf’s center for the glory of German Lanzgrow Aeronautics. His livecast solo flight brought a nation to tears. After only five minutes, Valspex was ejected by an underbelly collision. The video of his body being reduced to chunks by swirling debris lives on in national memory.

But today The Meatloaf looks more lucrative than ever. Despite past PR disaster, German Lanzgrow is leading the charge to return.

“I’m not a liberty to reveal our source data,” says Dr. Inigo Valdez, Director of Logistics and Strategic Resources at German Lanzgrow. “But it’s hard to contain our excitement about that debris field.”

With new methods of nanobot telemetry, their researchers launched recording devices into The Meatloaf’s center. Initial readings suggest that deep inside the spinning debris sits an enormous mineral core, like the eye of a storm. Mineral samples contain concentrations of water, blue to purple grade. More importantly, The Meatloaf core contains enormous Thorium deposits.

“The next person or persons to claim such a large Thorium source may be the richest living sons-of-guns on planet,” adds Dr. Valdez. He adds that market Thorium prices have reached their highest point in 50 years.

Reaction to The German Lanzgrow Report was ecstatic. In a news flurry, several global corporations held press conferences to announce upcoming contracts in The Meatloaf. Many also hinted they would soon be flying new craft in the field, ships with sturdy new armor chassis specially made to survive the debris. It is perhaps safe to say the next great battlefield in space will be the BY6 Epsilon debris field.

Back at the Vladivostok academy, pilot Stitz looks at the housing projects beyond the fence.

“I didn’t become a pilot to sit in a cushy chair,” he says with sudden seriousness. “I wanted to get out of my hellhole neighborhood. Pilots are the lucky ones on Earth, and if I don’t end up like Valspex I want to bring that motherload home for my nation.

“I’m going to The Meatloaf,” he added. “And if I can be a hero and get rich, even better.”

Thanks to AC_Black and dunkelza for inspiration and so many creative contributions to this new universe.

Tales From a Scorched Earth

Hello, happy holidays, and hope you’re excited for space flights like none other!

I am Descendent Studios’ staff writer. It’s my job to populate the STFU game world with stories and lore, to help flesh out the world you will soon be plundering/dogfighting/making your own space operas in.

There are going to be questions as this game develops. Questions like “how did Earth turn into this mess of pollution and corporate war?” “How far has technology progressed?” “What is human society like when it moves to outer space?” I’ll be trying to answer these. I’ll be working alongside the team to add color to the ‘verse and to answer your questions about story development.

Most importantly, Descendent Studios wants to ensure your ideas see life in the game lore. Already the forums are packed with gale force creative power, and your voices will be crucial to development of this creative game.

While you are keeping up with our social media and watching Wingman’s Hangout, also tune in Sundays for Panspermia Weekly News.

The Panspermia Company, in the lore, begins life as a newspaper during the earliest corporate wars and eventually evolves into Earth’s biggest media conglomerate. The weekly news column will offer glimpses into the historical origins of STFU’s corporations and fighter pilots and will hint at exciting new gameplay features in development. The word “Panspermia” is the Greek word for “all” and it refers to a scientific theory that life could exist throughout the universe, carried about by asteroids or spacecraft. We want the entire STFU universe to teem with life. It will be filled up with your thoughts and your fingerprints.

I am an Austin resident with a degree in English and Journalism from St. Edward’s University. By...

Wingman's Hangout - Holiday Special

Hey everyone, in case you missed it, here is this week's livestream - we will be coming back in the new year and building an actual show around that.
This week we talk about where we are on STFU, we clear up some confusion about likes vs dislikes and we answer some questions from the community.

So check it out, thanks for your support and see you in the new year.

Wingman's Hangout Questions

Hey Everyone!

Wingman's Hangout is tomorrow, let's get some questions ready for him!

Please post any questions you may have below, and have the chance for Wingman to answer them LIVE tomorrow at 11:00am CST!

Thank you for contributing to our online community!

Catch Wingman's Hangout LIVE on Ustream, Fridays at 11:00 CST!



Week 1 MVP

Greetings All!

The first weekly MVP award is given to a community member who has shared many creative insights that envision a truly interstellar universe.

Congratulations, Dunkelza!

Our team especially enjoyed your post from today titled, "Aktigos "Boar" Tank (Paper Concept)".[/size]


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Everyone else, remember! Our MVP badge is awarded every week to to a member who has represented the game in a positive way (creativity welcome!).

- Whitener

Greetings, Starfighter!

Hi all!

Thought I'd toss up a post and let you know what I've been up to.

First, an introduction - I'm Jason Spangler, CTO of Descendent Studios. A few of you might already know me from segments on Wingman's Hangar, from other parts of Star Citizen during my time as CTO of Cloud Imperium Games, or from my time on Ultima Online.

In addition to participating in the game design and studio discussions, some of the things I've been working on include:

  • Game engine evaluation - after comparing Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and CryEngine we decided to go with Unreal Engine 4. Why? Advanced features, a great renderer, impressive tools, continual support and development, flexible licensing model with low cost full source code access with updates, and company stability all factored into the decision.
  • Basic prototyping - we did some very basic game prototyping, but had to pause it for the following...
  • Web site preparation - with the great set of volunteers on the web team, we've been working on getting the web site ready for the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. This includes:

    • Putting the web site source code in source control - in this case git via GitHub, since it is low-cost, known by many developers, and we already get game engine updates via GitHub. Plus we can use the basic issue tracking and wiki to coordinate development among all the developers working on the web site.
    • Making the web site easy to duplicate to create development and test instances - so we can develop new features without taking the web site down, and test a new version of the web site while keeping the current version running before deploying the new version to the production web site.
    • Using the web site software's CMS system to manage the front page, so others can develop a new front page integrated with rest of the web site so live content can be displayed there.
    • Setting up and testing payment providers in our e-commerce system for later crowdfunding support.

  • Standard system administration stuff - accounts, backups, web server configuration, etc.


Wingman's Hangout

Hey everyone !

In case you didn't see it live here is our weekly Vlog on where we are on STFU - this week we look at some concept artwork, as well as talk about our upcomming Crowd funding strategy, and take questions live from the audience.
Also - we reveal when Mike Morlan is back.

Check it out on YouTube!

Thanks and help us spread the word!

See you in the verse!


Descendent Studios Weekly update

Hey Gang, I just wanted to drop a weekly update about where we are on the project and share a link to the video livestream in case you missed it.

Again, until Morlan gets back and we get the full show going in the new year, this will be down and dirty.

So enjoy, and let us know what you think.
See you in the verse !


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