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Week 5 MVP

Greetings All!

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Congratulations, Groundhound!

Our team especially enjoys your fiction chapters!


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- Whitener

RatKing Missile Returns to the Battlefield

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[font=arial]RatKing Missile Returns to the Battlefield

By Sports Writer Hagway Dawson

Streaking by with a basket-ball sized red tracer light, the oblong missile pod drifts into cockpit view. Competitor Hao Tsu’s shouting fills the cabin. Sixteen warheads detach lazily from the pod, like dandelion seeds into zero gravity. Warning splashes flicker across Hao Tsu’s HUD. Cursing and prayers. Then, as if waking from a dream, each of the sixteen explosives streaks out in different directions. A few go for large asteroids. Two burst through the cockpit optical windows and implode, taking camera and all. A millisecond of blood spatter followed by static.

In that infamous recording, 4.25 billion sport hubcast viewers were introduced to The RatKing Missile. Destructive, cheap, and nearly impossible to avoid in contemporary craft, the innovative multi-missile delivery system brought bloody infamy to Manchester-based Black Diamond Air and Space. From its invention in 2251 the weapon was a verifiable king of warfare. And if plans go right, it may make an appearance again in the 2313 Sky Cup games.

“Truly despicable,” says veteran pilot and instructor Dan Hong. “Any pilot who flew in those days was touched by the staggering loss of life. Euro-pilots back then didn’t even have to aim the damn things; on shot and they’d leave dozens of brave contractors slaughtered. What cowards.”

Loss of personnel was great, but that alone did not motivate the weapon’s eventual ban by most corporate powers. Worse were the environmental hazards of detonation. RatKing’s were known to leave uncontrollably large swaths of destruction, reducing valuable mining regions to rubble.

In addition, about 10% of all RatKings produced had faulty fuses. Instead of correctly finding targets, some projectiles simply drift off. Unexploded ordnance only added more hazards to a sector plagued by RatKings. In one independent study, scientists estimated that one RatKing detonation cost about 1.4 million w-chits in lost revenue. The full pod, with all sixteen warheads, costs about 3000 to make.

“During weapons testing, nobody thought it’d be such a big deal,” says one ex-Black Diamond explosive engineer who chose to remain anonymous. “At our Earthside testing sites they showed fairly poor numbers. Nothing special except they made a helluva lot of noise. Seriously, it’s like God making popcorn. But nobody considered all the crap they could make in a zero-g.”


Week 4 MVP

Greetings All!

This week's MVP award is given to a member who has shared some great ideas and awesome concept work with us.

Congratulations, Ninja!

Our team especially enjoyed your concept art posted on January 12


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Launch Control, this is Houston...

Posted Image

We are (NEARLY) Go for Launch!

Yeah, that definitely sounded less corny in my head, sorry guys! I'm not used to being in the limelight and having to compose my thoughts on paper, digital as it may be, for public consumption. Please bear with me here as I work my way through my first blog post, I promise things will improve with time!

First things first, I suppose I should introduce myself and my role here at Descendent Studios.

My name is Jon Bartus, though most know me by my handle 'Fallarnon'. I'm a 25 year old IT consultant and web developer based in Massachusetts. I've been with the team for around two months and I am the principle front-end and user experience developer for the Descendent Studios website. I'm positively pumped to be here working on this project and have been toiling away with my teammates on the Web Admin team to mold the systems we've chosen to launch this project with into a cohesive and user friendly experience for all visitors here.

While a lot of our work isn't ready just yet, indeed we have many things in the works that won't be released for a bit longer, it will not be too long until we are ready to publicly implement phase one of our website development plan for you all to enjoy.

As I sit here writing this we've just finished a team meeting with Eric 'Wingman' Peterson wherein we reached a crucial decision on which platform fits the best for our front end user experience. After much healthy debating we think everyone will be happy with their ability to engage on our website. In addition, it will allow us to meet our internal deadline for our upcoming crowd funding campaign. (Not saying when, but...

Godfather of Mineral Sports: An Interview with Boyd Ulbrick

Panspermia Weekly News


Godfather of Mineral Sports: An Interview with Boyd Ulbrick

By Colin Sward

Mr. Boyd Ulbrick, CEO of Ulbrick-Stantz Financial and the most famous personality in mineral sports, shakes my hand on the roof of his towering Red Rapids Casino. The nighttime view, the highest man-made altitude in Montana, twinkles with lights from distant settlements. With his other hand Mr. Ulbrick offers a sparkling water, easily worth a working man’s annual salary. Despite the dark he wears sunglasses. His trademark silver rattail whips around in the wind.

His welcoming smile matches the ubiquitous Boyd and Sons™ team logo uncannily well; it’s like talking to the team poster made flesh. It is both an honor and a fright to meet the godfather of mineral contract gaming.

S: Years from now, how will people remember Mr. Boyd Ulbrick and what he did for mineral sports?

U: Well it won’t be as a billionaire investment banker, that’s for sure! *Mr. Ulbrick stops to laugh for a moment*

No, I’m more humble than that. I've always been a man passionate about his loves, his nation, his women, and his sports. So I just had to be a philanthropist. There is nothing more exciting than two hotshot teams dog-fighting it out in a good asteroid match. Leaving bullet holes in each other and bringing home the water. So I divested a little from Ulbrick-Stantz in the early days, got the ball rolling on investors,...

Wingman's Hangout Ep. 6

A quick hitter as we accelerate towards our fund raising campaign, lots going on this week at Descendent Studios, and a lot of you are chipping in and making it happen.
Thank you !


Week 3 MVP

Greetings All!

This week's MVP award is given to a member who has been a consistent community contributor and shared with us a great idea for eco terrorism.

Congratulations, Renegade-Shank!

Our team especially enjoyed your post on December 12, "The E.N.D. (Terrorist Organization)"


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- Whitener

Mwooaaaaarrrwwwww, SPLOOSH!

Woot! Here we are!

It's been a while. Too long. But, now I can share my excitement about joining the Descendent team.

Yep. Gonna be working with my buddy, Wingman, once again. We're gonna produce more video goodness to share the ongoing development of STFU with you. And yes, we're gonna take the lid back off and return to the fun and hijinks of yesteryear. If you liked the early episodes of Wingman's Hangar - developer interviews, behind-the-scenes peeks - you're gonna love what we do at Descendent. Oh yeah. And that pesky F-F-F-Forum Feedback. We might do that too. ;-)

But first, we have to gear up for a fundraising campaign!

Once more unto the breech, dear friends.


Rama Sethu Arcology Sieged by Corporate Powers

[font=arial]Panspermia Weekly News[/font]


Breaking Report: Rama Sethu Arcology Sieged by Corporate Powers

[font=arial][font=arial][font=arial][font=arial]by Staff Reporter Dante Lee[/font][/font][/font][/font]

The old maxim of war says that the one thing costlier than a battle fought is a battle won. Today the market trends speak of a new pattern. Investing analysts everywhere are clicking in agreement. War has outstripped the profit potential of peace.

A violent siege ended in the twilight hours today, a cold morning in the Indian Ocean. ZendaSlev Industrial, supported by the Australian National Navy, occupied the Rama Sethu arcology after a few hours battle. Because Rama Sethu’s original founders are the Chinese-based Heaven’s Garden Astrologistics, the attack represents history’s first armed incident between megacorporate entities.

The prospect of a global diplomatic breakdown over Earth’s limited resources has many megacorporations and surviving governments racing to respond.

Although ZendaSlev and Heaven’s Garden have declined to comment on the occupation, other megacorporations worldwide have roundly condemned ZendaSlev, particularly members of the European Union.

“With sad hearts, we offer condolences to our brothers in enterprise,” said an official spokesperson for German Lanzgrow Aeronautics. “That goes for both parties. We are especially sorry that ZendaSlev could commit such a gross error. When chaos spreads to every corner of our world and orbital space, responsibility will fall squarely on their shoulders.”

Madhav Paranjay, a civilian survivor at Rama Sethu, was taken prisoner shortly after the firefight. After escaping an Australian penal ship Paranjay gave a video interview from New Hyderabad.

“They brought battleships, marines, they even flew in orbital assault fighters” said Paranjay. “We had walls. Inside, we were ants staring down the barrel of a flamethrower.”

Rama Sethu is gutted, but still stands over the geological bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Founded years after the famed Verhoogdland arcology, Rama Sethu remains among the world’s oldest. Its design, a spherical human habitat supported on a nest of titanium legs installed in the seafloor, earned it its nickname “The Monkey Ball.” Today Rama Sethu is known as a thriving regional marketplace with a cramped population of 2.5 million. It is also a renowned hub for air and space engineering.

Despite ZendaSlev’s public silence, circumstances suggest their ultimate target was Rama Sethu’s research data.

“My background is in aeronautics engineering and EarthCore gravitational drive systems, I won’t say any more,” said Paranjay. “I know enough that the soldiers ran straight for the spaceflight and design workshop. They knocked me across the room to open that door.”

ZendaSlev rose to power in 2170 when it bought 51% market share of the Australian State government. After saving the nation from widespread rioting and unrest, ZendaSlev used its advanced orbital attack ship designs and heavy industrial resources to annex every pacific island. As governments fell under Australian control, ZendaSlev brought needed infrastructure where it never existed before. Although it filled a political vacuum for the region, Australia now struggles with a fractious political system.

“Neither Zendaslev nor the Australian State can exist in power without the other,” says Hibbert Sloane, Professor of Geopolitical History at Universidad de La Habana. “They strengthen each other in a time that Earth’s dwindling resources can support so little. However, their ongoing crusade for land and resources puts them on a dangerous train, an unending need for more conflict and more spoils. This attack on Rama Sethu may snowball across the world.”

In a later press release, German Lanzgrow issued a no-tolerance decree to armed action in the European Union.

“To protect our assets, we will be increasing our orbital forces twenty fold over the next few years. Aggressors like ZendaSlev have made it clear that peace is less valuable than securing strategic resources. So be it. Any troop that sets a boot on German soil, any craft that dares interfere with our space mining operations will be obliterated. We encourage our European neighbors to bolster themselves the same. Any theft of water, research, or orbital space is stealing from our dinner table, and in these times no one can afford to starve.”

“But what’s sickening?” says Paranjay. “A week before the attack, most of the soldiers stationed here were pulled out. We only had automated defense turrets to hold back an entire navy. The fighting only lasted hours, it took them more time to breach Rama Sethu’s blast doors. Once the fighting stopped ZendaSlev’s goons landed an orbital, parked it point blank range from the hull, and fired hadron accelerated mass drivers at us. At the residential quarters! I still feel the walls shake. I still smell the ozone.”

Heaven’s Garden has declined to comment on the absence or presence of security at the arcology. ZendaSlev has declined to comment on its tactics during the siege.

“I think Heaven’s Garden saw this coming,” said Paranjay. “And wanted to stick ZendaSlev with the least valuable resource: refugees. People are becoming less and less valuable every day. When war breaks out, it’s not going to be over people. It’s going to be over research and development. It’s going to be over engines and it’s going to be over pathways to the stars.”

Wingman's Hangout Ep. 5

We want your feedback come join us in the General forums and tell us what you want to see as we develop this new game, and show.

See you all in the verse !


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