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REN News: Mineral Sports Fans Rioting In Novy-Moskva

Mineral Sports Fans Rioting In Novy-Moskva

Originally Broadcast February 19, 2258 at 01:00 GMT

“This just in- REN News is getting reports of widespread unrest in the Aktigos capital of Novy-Moskva. We go now live to Sandy Khoeun who’s on the scene.”

A young journalist half-wearing a gas mask stands in the middle of a refuse-littered boulevard. Behind her, smoke billows from a spindly stone tower.

“Hi, Hamako. Can you hear me? I’m standing in the arco’s west campus, a working-class neighborhood of tenements and shops just outside of the arcology proper. Behind me, you can see this ancient tower. Most of the original structure collapsed in an earthquake back in the 21st Century, but the city fathers rebuilt this one minaret as an historic landmark and museum.”

“We can see the building, Sandy. Why is it smoking? What happened there?”

“As you probably know, earlier tonight the Russian-speaking CPIA team Red Legion qualified for the Knockout round of the Sky Cup after absolutely crushing Divine Tsunami and Rodeo Clowns in a three-match shutout. Local fans poured out into the streets to celebrate.”

“So this is all just a wild party?”

“Sadly, no. This neighborhood is dominantly Persian, and the Red Legion fans’ carousing offended many residents. Some families called for policing services, but the police here are overworked and underpaid according to one officer we talked to.”

A crimson banner unfurls from the top of the tower, blowing slightly in the night breeze.

“Sandy, what it is that flag behind you?”

“Let me look… oh, that is the Red Legion’s standard. After police contractors finally arrived to clear the streets, a number...

Jade With Envy - Part 1

[font='comic sans ms']A quick note: Since I missed a post last Sunday, I'm going to post two this weekend- one on Saturday (today) and another on Sunday (tomorrow).[/font]

He does not deserve the praise they heap upon him. Smith Derek is not a better pilot- he is only better at taking credit. He talks well, making it sound like our actions are his own plan, though we do not listen to him. Most of us do not listen anyway. He is a “veep”.

He is not really an executive, but when we talk to him we call him the "Vice President of Mining". He is arrogant. He does not understand that we are insulting him. No vice president worthy of the title would work on a harvester- it is beneath them.

I hate Smith Derek.

Three times I should have been honored by the Home Office. Three times, our harvester has won important, difficult battles- important even to our parent company, the great Chengchao. Three times, I made the deciding difference in a battle and all three times Smith received the credit because of his talking skills.

This will end soon. We are docking at Scorpio.

I look down at my meager handful of gems- tiny, sparkling cubes from the hearts of asteroids. Sometimes when we win, the Home Office allows us to keep a few for ourselves. They divide them based on “merit”, but Smith always gets the lions’ share. I have only ninety-eight of them. For five years, I have done my duty, comported myself with honor for my company and family- and I have but ninety-eight crystals. I possess millions of Ƶhong, but those who deal in contraband will not likely trade in corporate money- it is too easy to trace.

If I am lucky, my little stash will be enough for what I need. I am hopeful. Scorpio Station has a reputation, even amongst the unregulated Zodiacs-...

Web site server migration completed

Hi all,

We've migrated the web site to Google Compute Engine with a scalable cluster in anticipation of increased load during the crowdfunding campaign.

Please let us know if you notice anything broken since the migration.

We know we are still missing an MVP blog entry by Connie due to an auto test tool mistakenly crawling from a test environment to the production environment and deleting some posts (since restored) and blog entries.

We are working to restore the last missing things (just one blog entry, we know of so far). And please let us know if you notice any other missing content (posts, blog entries, etc).

If you still get a "site maintenance" message, it means the update to the DNS address has not propagated to your name server yet - just wait and it should update eventually.


Phantom Wings - Fafnir Shopping

All Categories > Library > Non-Fiction > Biographies > Sports

Description: The long-awaited autobiography of three-time Sky Cup champion Lars Baak, Phantom Wings explores the tragic crash that nearly ended his mineral sports career and the years of trial and healing that turned him into a legendary {READ MORE}

Purchase Options

  • Sparkle eBook: Ƶ1.29
  • Sparkle eStory: Ƶ3.49
  • Ensense Single: Ƶ6.99
  • Ensense Vault: Ƶ16.99

Fafnir Library Score: ✭✭✭✭✩ (4.3)


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They said that we wouldn’t feel it when the iris closed. A split-second before they shut, an implant at the base of our skull would to render us unconscious. That way, we wouldn’t feel the razor-sharp seal severing our damaged body parts. We would be safely unconscious, consuming less oxygen while we awaited rescue. A few months later, we’d wake up at L4 with a brand new arm, leg, whatever. We’d still have a lot of rehab to go through, but nothing like the trauma of regrowth.

I heard that Andropov was little more than a head when they pulled him out of my cockpit. He got a whole new body, more importantly, a new liver. Of course, when he finished his mineral sports career a few years later, he managed to drink his way through that body too. I miss him. He was a rat and a lout, but...

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Who the *$@% is Madtoad?

My name is Todd Bailey and I've been designing video games professionally (that is, people have been paying me to do it) for more than 20 years.

I bought my first copy of Dungeons and Dragons when I was 10 years old which sparked a lifetime of creating games of various types, including writing my own adventures, designing various systems for RPGs, and coming up with dice and card games. When I was 12 my parents bought my sister and I a Commodore64. To be fair, I don't think she ever used it and it eventually ended up in my room so my parents could watch television again. That spawned my love of video games. As a teenager I worked in a movie theater and the video arcade next door to it, so I've had games in my life ever since I can remember. This led to a life of general nerdery, and has brought me to where I am now.

In August of 1994 I started working at Origin Systems, basically accidentally. I just happened to be with someone who was applying for a job, and the person doing the hiring said, "Would you like to apply as well?" My initial response was, "No, I'm just waiting for my friend." If this had been the end of the conversation I have no idea where my life would be right now, but she pressed the issue and said, "Oh, here, just fill out an application."

Then they hired me. Here is a sampling of the games I worked on over the last 20 years: Ultima Online, System Shock, Ultima 8, Tabula Rasa, Star Wars Galaxies, Platinum Life, Dungeons and Dragons, Crusader: No Regret, Privateer 2: The Darkening, Monopoly Bingo, and iSam Jackson (which is not a game, but I did get to write dialog for Samuel L. Jackson).

I have done pretty much everything you can do in the game industry. I did customer service, quality assurance, helped run online forums, assisted with art (I'm not much help), done scripting, designed areas, laid down spawners, written dialog, created story lines, and written countless design documents that include...

YúMoney Financial Headlines for Wednesday, February 9, 2298

A quick update on markets shows the Reyex ending the day at 34,108.26, down 1.4% from yesterday’s three-month high. Analysts believe the dip was driven by investors profit-taking in advance of next week’s monthly population report. Social media giant Blurt climbed 2.41 points today on word that rival Allme was experiencing a management shakeup. Allme fell 3.25 points on the rumors. Spacecraft design firm Kurbul rose 12% on news that Parthenorbital was entering talks to acquire the Lahore-based developers of the popular Direhawk mining drone.

In commodities, synthetic petroleum futures plummeted another 2.3 points after NEXOil announced the opening of a new plant near the Mbandaka arco in the West Congo EOZ. Blue Water is up 0.3 points, but Green is down 0.2 on news that Lanzgrow’s Kriswasser division will begin mass-marketing a new home water reclamation unit. Aluminum is up 0.12 points, but iron and gold both fell about 2% because a new dump mine in the Atlanta arco campus is expected to yield considerable stocks of electronics and railroad waste.

This YúMoney Minute brought to you by Kilimanjaro Financial. Investing in your future doesn’t need to feel like climbing a mountain. With a certified Kilimanjaro professional to guide your way, you can ascend the path to wealth one easy step at a time. Kilimanjaro Financial- a Henley Family company.

Yesterday, Chengchao and Xorn officials unveiled a joint research project aimed at improving the efficiency of spaceborn nanofactories like those used on compound harvesters. The announcement comes on the 45th anniversary of the tragic L5 Attack, when terrorists opposed to space exploration rammed a void barge into humanity’s largest space shipyard. Executives from the two companies showcased a new memorial garden outside the joint research facility. The...

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Hello everyone,

My name is Phil Tittle and I'm the Sr. Producer on the project.

I joined the team a couple of weeks ago and am very excited to be working with Eric and the gang again! I've been very impressed with the group of volunteers we have working on the fundraising campaign. They truly are a group of very talented and dedicated people.

But a little more about me! I've been in the game industry for 15 years. Started out with Origin/EA, then on to THQ, Heatwave, and more recently CIG - Austin. Over the years, I've shipped MMOs, console, mobile and Facebook games. And yep, there have been a few that didn't ship. I have a programming background but haven't been a "heads down" coder in quite a while -- although I do still dabble in it from time to time.

The attention and following this game has already developed is quite impressive and encouraging and I look forward to seeing all of you in the verse!


Encyclopedia Gallica - Parker's Law

This Encyclopedia Gallica historical moment brought to you by Daeng Pla Crimson Crisps.

Daeng Pla reminds you- don’t turn red with embarrassment when guests arrive, serve Daeng Pla Crimson Crisps for happy houseguests!

- - -

The Joint Mining Laser Limitation Agreement of 2231, better known as “Parker’s Law”, ended six bloody years of conflict called the Bab-el-Mandeb War. The nickname refers to the death of Parker Iskender, the only child of Aksum founder and CEO, Robert Iskender. Historians differ on the exact cause of the war, though it is clear that Parker’s death in an asteroid prospecting accident was a precipitating factor.

Recently graduated from Harvard’s business school in Havana, the younger Iskender refused a desk job at his father’s firm, preferring instead to join the asteroid prospecting startup LyngbRum. His parentage and aggressiveness earned him rapid promotions and he was soon posted as Operations Manager aboard the mining platform Perkredes. While competively mining the asteroid 2071 Bab-el-Mandeb, Perkredes suffered catastrophic hull rupture after the rock shattered on February 2, 2225.

Robert Iskender blamed his son’s death on LyngbRum’s allegedly-flawed mining practices. LyngbRum blamed its competitor Isuta for dangerously undermining the asteroid’s structure. Isuta blamed LyngbRum’s use of Gallium-Xenon lasers made by Luminon, a division of TLS. As the recriminations mounted, more than 23 major corporations became involved in lawsuits and countersuits. Iskender grew increasingly frustrated by the ineffectiveness of the outmoded legal systems of the time. On April 6th, he took his revenge.

Early that morning, private military...

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