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Livestreaming a Design meeting for the Underground

Hello Descendents.

Today was a new experience for us all on Descent Underground, we decided to give everyone a look at a live Design meeting.

Today we discussed how the mining system works, and what elements and materials will affect game play.

These meetings are a part of membership in the Underground.

For $10 a month you can get extra access to the development of this game, and in some cases an earlier look at things before we publish them to everyone.

If you are interested in joining the Underground, we are offering a special until the end of May of $79 for the entire year, this will go up to $99 on June 1st. Or, as mentioned you could sign up for $10 a month if that is more convenient.

As a way of showing everyone what they are like and how it will work we decided to do the first one for everyone. If you missed it here it is:

We also moved Wingman's hangout to Friday's so be sure to check that out Friday at 11am CDT.

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Thank you all and keep spreading the word about Descent: Underground, we want to build this...

Community Campfire 5/12/2015

Howdy, folks!

Things are heating up here at Descendent Studios as we get ready for our first livestreamed design meeting tomorrow. The topic is mining resources and how those turn into powerups. Tune at 11:30am CDT (1630 UDT) to get a sneak peek at what Underground members will get to see!

We've also been touching base with our "Share The Wealth" and "Ultimate Creator" Kickstarter backers, getting a lot of great ship and megacorporation names. Keep your eyes peeled for those in the near future!

We're also hard at work evaluating the game idea submissions that many of you posted in the Kickstart Contest. The design team is pouring over the entries looking for the shiniest gems in a pile of shiny gems!

Don't forget to tune into our Twitch Channel at 11am CDT (1600 UDT) on Friday, May 15, for another fun-filled Wingman's Hangout, and be sure to submit your questions for FFFForum FFFFeedback!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook,...

Behind the Curtain on a Rainy Monday

Hello, Descenters!

Today has been a productive day filled with quite a lot of rain in the Austin area and (not tongue-in-cheek, here) a lot of production. We're still nailing down pieces of our long-term project plan, and we're also starting to spend more time reviewing and tweaking various bits and pieces of game art that's starting to roll in.

This morning, we talked over some concepts for the drone bay - including the shot included above of the drone customization room. This is an idea of the space in the harvester where your ships are repaired, painted, and customized to your exact specifications. We also took a look at some concepts of how the power-ups might look in the game: expect to see more on that in the near future.

In the meantime, we're having some in-depth discussions on how the first game maps should be constructed, how they should look, and (most importantly) how they should play.

Curious as to what goes on in these meetings? Tune in this Wednesday for our first broadcast design meeting on YouTube. We're letting everyone in on this first one as a sneak preview of one of the great perks that our Underground members receive.

The stream will be appearing in this space on Wednesday:

(Convenient countdown included for your scheduling needs.)

So tune in if you're interested in how these discussions go. We'll even be taking a few questions from the audience at the end of the meeting.

(Keep in mind that the current extra store discount for a year of Underground membership will...

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Week In Review (5/08/2015)


Last week, I promised a bunch of new art to show this week. Well, the art team delivered! Mike showed some of the map "mood" art yesterday. I'm going to show you a few concepts of the Predator and some renders of the WIP Panzer. Both are very unique and very cool.

First up is a great take on the Predator. As you may recall, the Predator is a sleek, fast, agile scout ship. Designed to get into tight spaces, get out of jams, and help your team locate and, of course, destroy your opponents.

Posted Image

The Predator in sprint mode:

Posted Image

The Predator in normal flight mode:

Posted Image

Ok, now for a few renders of the Panzer. This is the tank. Designed to take damage and use its large shield to help teammates avoid taking damage. Still more work to do with this ship but we wanted to give you a look at it while it is still a work in progress.

Panzer shield down (rear looking forward):

Posted Image

Panzer with the shield up (forward looking back):

Posted Image


Join the Underground!

As I sit in my office, cutting video programs together, it seems there is a constant string of scrums and design meetings going on outside my door. So, what the heck? I went and shot some video of the proceedings! Here's a sneak peek:

Now, if you would like a super-inside, mainline look at the development of D:U, become a member of The Underground. In addition to private access to real-time, live-streamed design meetings, you'll enjoy a private Underground forum and access to Alpha and Beta releases of the game.


And, we're getting our art team ramped up - a steady feed of concepts, mood sketches, and layouts is coming our way. We featured some of that on this week's Wingman's Hangout. We'll be releasing the original art as we go so you can see how we arrive at the look of Descent: Underground.


Watch the latest Wingman's Hangout. Eric and Rob share the latest in ship hueing, auger concepts, and game box art from the community.

While on the subject of game box art,...

First Look at some map concepts, paint jobs, and the all new Auger.

Hello Descendents!

Just a glorious day working on Descent Underground. We had a really good design meeting going over flight mechanics.

We filmed a segment of it, and will show what the Underground experience will be like for folks that are in the live design meetings.

That should be up online in the next couple of days for folks to get an idea.

When you join the Underground you get to attend live privately streamed design meetings, have access to a private forum area, and get Alpha and Beta access no matter what your pledge level. This is a way to support the team and game a little more than the average backer. It is NOT required, it is just a nice way to get a little more inside info on the status of the project.

Also, we are about to schedule both the Underground meetings, and the Advisory board stuff for later this month, watch your inbox or PM if you are in one of those two groups and thank you very much for your extended support.

If you missed today's episode of WIngman's Hangout here it is:

In the middle of the show we got a look at some of the paint jobs and weathering effects we are planning to use, in case you don't want to see the entire show and only want the cool bits, here it is for your viewing pleasure.

Pretty cool stuff, thanks to our lead artist Josh P, whom you will meet soon.

And our very own "Star of the show" Rob Designopotamus Irving...

Campfire 5/5/2015 - Puzzle Contest Winners, Lore, and More!

Howdy, folks!

Grab a seat- This week we're bringing you the full list of winners from our pre-Kickstarter puzzle contest, a bit of a campfire tale, and some other great community news.


Straight to brass tacks- A whole bunch of you participated in a multiday puzzle cracking contest during the countdown to the Kickstarter. Periodically, every couple of hours to start, down to minutes at the end- a little snippet of lore would post to the Descendent Studios front page, for instance:

[font='courier new']PACKET DECRYPTED//[/font]

[font='courier new']{Espadachin2291 C23150307.061218.A}[/font]

[font='courier new']I have seen little to report near the Sevilla arcology. There are rumors that Andalusia EOZ’s outlanders had been harvesting snow from the Sierra Morena until recently, when Parthenorbital sprayed the area with chemicals.[/font]

Embedded in those snippets was a secret message:






Power(-up) Design

Hello, Descenters!

Another Monday, another week hitting the ground at full speed ahead (and up and to the right for maximum tri-chord velocity).

The bar is shifting this week, with less time going toward pre-production, and more time toward actual production. That means that while design documentation continues apace, we're having more meetings to drill down into specific areas that will be tackled first, and we're also starting to see concepts and in-progress assets coming on line.

For a little peek under the hood, I've attached some preliminary thumbnail concepts for Access Key power-ups to this blog. It's a way for you to see how we start from an original Descent concept and bring it towards our new look. It doesn't mean that any of these images are final, but these quick artists' concepts give us a touchstone for more discussions and feedback to get exactly the assets that will make this game the best Descent for this day and age.


If you want to get a deeper look into how design is following the same process of bringing familiar concepts into a brand new game, check out this week's Design Underground, where we talk about D:U's power-ups and their evolution, as well as some newer ideas, such as the tools that really make each ship shine. I've embedded the video below in case you don't want to wait!

Meanwhile, we're finishing up the stray bits of the Kickstarter data migration. Most of you should already see your pledge rewards reflected on your accounts, but some are still being processed (for mismatched accounts, etc.), so expect the efforts to continue throughout...

Design Underground tomorrow

Just a quick note to remind everyone to watch Rob Irving's Design Underground Monday.

See you all UNDERGROUND!


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