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Seeing as how yesterday was a holiday in the United States, there was no official blog. Some of you may already know that Austin (and much of the rest of Texas and the central U.S.) was hit hard over the weekend by some serious rainfall and flooding. Our thoughts go out to those affected.

I just wanted to drop in and take a quick moment to announce that Design: Underground did, indeed, go live on schedule yesterday. (For those of you who don't tune in, today's blog image is an excellent concept for the Descent: Underground box created by community member Xyphon. I'm not sure what it is, exactly, that speaks to me about this classic box design, but it sure does resonate... somehow.)

You can watch the latest Design: Underground right here:

For those of you who have joined the Descendent Studios advisory board, our first meeting will be Wednesday morning. Check the Advisory Board forum for more information.

Much more to come this week as things continue to develop here.


Most Valuable Post for May 23, 2015


Howdy, Folks!

Our MVP award is given to members who actively contribute to making

Descent: Underground a better experience for us all!



Mufossa75 composed some awesome music for the community and

jumpstarted the entire discussion of music for Descent: Underground.

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Be sure to check out Rob Irving's Design: Underground on Monday-

Our office is closed Monday in observance of Memorial Day, but we will

be showing Design: Underground as usual!


Oh, and in case you missed it, here is yesterday's Wingman's Hangar:

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Week In Review (5/22/2015)

Hey Descenters,

Some great stuff happened this week!

The design team knocked out the first rough layout of Apophis (our first test map)! Looks fun and we'll playtest it next week. From there it goes to the artists and from them back to the team for more playtesting and then finally on to you.

The tech guys completed some ship systems tech designs. There are still many more to go but, for now, they can get back to coding for a little while.

If you want to get early views of art as well as an in depth look into the design, join the The Underground. You have just a few more days (May 31st, 2015) to get special pricing and save!

I do have a couple of new art pieces to show. The thumbnail above are some sketches of the re-imagined Auger. Tell us in the forums which one is your favorite.

Below is the first corporation logo we've given the full treatment. This one was mocked up by the DU art team, but we have others that have been inspired by Share The Wealth backers and hope to show some of them next week.

Posted Image

More great stuff ahead for next week and we'll get back to showing some gameplay video soon.

Have a great weekend,


Step up to the microphone and Make a Video!

As I cut together the week's shows, I realize something is missing: YOUR VOICE!


One of the things I've truly enjoyed over the eighty-four episodes of Wingman's Hangar/Hangout I've produced, is the fun videos the fans of Star Citizen and Descent: Underground send in. From truckers-with-an-iphone, to automated-anime, to cosplay-costumes-on-greenscreen, we've seen your creativity shine.

With Wingman's Hangout episode 12, we're settling into a good groove. The only thing missing is your voice. We hear you on the forums. Let's get you on camera! To that end, I offer (tongue firmly in cheek) this WikiHow To Make a YouTube Video.

But seriously, grab an iphone and a flashlight and send in your F-F-F Forum Feedback questions.

Or, stretch a green sheet across your wall, don a leather jacket and game headset, and strap into your virtual control cockpit for some screaming action.


Tune into our Twitch Channel at 11am CDT (1600 UTC) on Friday, May 22, for another fun-filled Wingman's Hangar.

And watch our YouTube Channel for Rob Irving's Design: Underground...

Community Campfire 5/19/2015

Howdy, folks!

Lots more exciting stuff going on here at Descendent Studios!

Check out this new Work-In-Progress (WIP) render of the Panzer! This image shows some of the cool sub-components of the model.

We're also hard at work over here in Communityland, whipping up a new forum contest- keep your eyes here for more info!

We also got to see a really cool concept update for the Heads-Up Display (HUD) from the art guys. Unfortunately, BlueDog hid the picture on me and I can't find it! Maybe he will share it with y'all on Friday.

Speaking of FRIDAY...

Don't forget to tune into our Twitch Channel at 11am CDT (1600 UTC) on Friday, May 22, for another fun-filled Wingman's Hangar, and be sure to submit your questions for FFFForum FFFFeedback!

Oh, and don't think we've forgotten about the megacorporations! I've attached the first of many "Industry Spotlight" entries detailing one of the titans of industry that rule the world of Descent: Underground.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get the latest updates as soon as they appear!

Thanks for being awesome!

Until next time - Fly Safe!



Fun with Editors

There's nothing that reassures you that you're a real, honest-to-gosh game developer like sitting in your office at 6 AM on a Monday morning alternating between editor tutorials and actual work in said editor. Now, some might say that it's insane to be doing anything in an office at 6 AM (I'm one of them), but that would undersell the sheer joy of re-learning how to utilize a tool that you haven't been using in a while to build something awesome (hopefully).

(If you're looking for something that is definitely awesome, take a look at the work in progress of the drone bay - actually in engine - in the blog image.)

Now that we've moved to much more actual production and much less pre-production, that's where I found myself this fine Monday. (The rain has finally taken a day off, so we can temporarily call off the giant boat building campaign.)

Let me be honest: it's not necessarily that hard to switch from one editor to another. All tools of this nature have a certain degree of consistency to them. Sure, there's the matter of remembering which particular camera control scheme (or hybrid) this one uses (and then reminding yourself a hundred times that it's the other one) but for the most part, It's just a matter of recalling how to do that one particular thing that you swear you know how to do with a slightly different set of keystrokes/menus/mouse clicks/ritual dances. Still, you end up with a fairly standard set of results during your initial efforts:

  • How do I do that here?
  • How did I do that?!
  • What the heck is that?
  • So and so editor did this thing better.
  • Hey... this editor does this thing better. (How did I mess it up?)
  • Did that just crash again, or is my computer slow? (Probably my fault.)
  • Where the :redacted: did that thing go? (Definitely my fault.)


Most Valuable Poster!


Howdy, Folks!

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Descent: Underground a better experience for us all!



PyroJockey made an excellent thread describing a way to use a game console controller in Descent.

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Our MVP badge is awarded to a member who

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And be sure to check out Rob Irving's Design Underground on Monday.

Thanks to all of you for your support!


Week In Review (5/15/2015)

Hey Everyone!

Another productive week for the Descent: Underground project. The art team is really putting the pedal to the metal and creating some great concepts, as well as, in-game assets. Below, we have some WIPs to show -- some are still concepts, some are game assets in progress. In any case, let us know what you think! BTW, the thumbnail to the left is a mood piece for tunnels in the map we are building now.

And if you missed today's episode of Wingman's Hangout here it is:

Join us every Friday at 11am CDT for a new episode, and you can post your questions for FFForum Feedback here.

Art is not the only focus. Map designs are underway, power-ups are being developed, Rob is continuing to flesh out the game design, tech designs for flight mechanics and ship systems, a big revamp to the website, and more.

By the way, if you'd like to see our design meetings, all you have to do is join The Underground.

Viewmaster put this week's meeting on Youtube.

design meeting

Although this one is open to all, the future Design Underground meetings will only be available to members of The Underground.


Below are some concepts...

Hot, Humid, and BUS-AY!

Howdy prospectors!

Today started off exciting and got more so as the day went on. First thing, we noticed that our life support systems were failing: the air conditioning was out. Hey, in Texas that IS life support! Thankfully, the crew down in the engine room has restored to flow of life-giving cool air... anyway...

Today's preview image is a collection of some of the powerup concept art. These are still works-in-progress, ideas really, that guide the modelers and special effects artists. On the left we have a Shield orb, a green Access Key, an Invulnerability orb, and Energy crystals.

Remember to set an alarm for 11AM CDT tomorrow- Friday, May 15. Fridays are the new day for Wingman's Hangout, streamed on our Twitch channel.


We shipped out the 290X cards to our Kickstarter referral contest winners- BadNewsBaron, Groundhound, Scott Manley, JustinTime, and SGT-Craig.

Well, we shipped out FOUR of them. One of the winners was kind enough to anonymously offer the card for another contest to help build our community. More details on that contest to come!

We're also about to announce the winners of our Kickstarter Game Mode contest....

Livestreaming a Design meeting for the Underground

Hello Descendents.

Today was a new experience for us all on Descent Underground, we decided to give everyone a look at a live Design meeting.

Today we discussed how the mining system works, and what elements and materials will affect game play.

These meetings are a part of membership in the Underground.

For $10 a month you can get extra access to the development of this game, and in some cases an earlier look at things before we publish them to everyone.

If you are interested in joining the Underground, we are offering a special until the end of May of $79 for the entire year, this will go up to $99 on June 1st. Or, as mentioned you could sign up for $10 a month if that is more convenient.

As a way of showing everyone what they are like and how it will work we decided to do the first one for everyone. If you missed it here it is:

We also moved Wingman's hangout to Friday's so be sure to check that out Friday at 11am CDT.

Make sure you follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the latest info before anyone else.

Thank you all and keep spreading the word about Descent: Underground, we want to build this...

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