If you are using Steam to play the game, you can connect your Steam account- regardless of whether you bought the game on Steam or pledged here.
Link your Steam profile with your Descendent Studios account to validate your Steam purchase with Descendent Studios and allow you to sign into the game with your Descendent Studios account. Linking your profiles will provide access to any add-ons or access levels your Descendent Studios account has to your Steam account and enables cross-tracking of statistics across both of your profiles.
Connecting your account will enable easier access through Steam to any test environments you can use. It will also help us to give you the broadest range of crossplatform social features as those features are implemented.
Plus, you'll get a shiny Steam Linking medal for your forum profile!
  1. Create an account on (or log into your account) and go to your Downloads page.
  2. If you do not see a "Sign in through Steam" button, be sure to redeem one of your game packages.
  3. Click "Sign in through Steam" and log into your Steam account.
  4. Your accounts should now be linked!
Steam Linking.PNG
Steam Linking 2.PNG
on Thursday December 03 by Keith McCormic
If you are a Steam user, we encourage you to try using your Steam key as you should get better download performance. However, you can still download from this site if you do not want to use Steam.



To redeem your Steam key in order to play Descent: Underground through steam, go to your client area:




Click on the "Descent: Underground" tab and "Redeem" one of your game packages to get a download link:




Redeemed packages are locked to your account and become ungiftable.

If your game package included the Proving Grounds reward, you should be credited with one
complimentary year of membership to The Underground at the same time.


Click on "Click to reveal your Steam Key":



Your account can only have ONE Steam key. Do not share or distribute this key- it is associated with your account!


Copy the code that now appears in the box.


Launch your Steam application. Click "Games" in the top menubar, then "Activate a product on Steam...":



Click "Next" and the "I agree" to accept the Steam subscriber agreement.


Paste the code from your client area into the Product Code box and click "Next":



Follow the prompts to download and install the game launcher.


When the download finished, click "Play" in your game library.


If you want to play on any of the test environments (Proving Grounds, Alpha, Beta), you will need to select "Play Game with Login", otherwise, you can just select "Play Descent: Underground":


on Thursday December 03 by Keith McCormic

The default key for snapping a screenshot is F9. 


The files should appear in %AppData%\Local\Descent\Saved\Screenshots\ on Windows and in the equivalent directories on MacOS & Linux.


If you are using Steam, F12 takes screenshots that can be used in their Community features.

on Thursday December 03 by Keith McCormic

Ship Affecting Powerups (Orbs)



Shield "Orb" - This blue ball adds to your Shield hit points. It can even overcharge your shields- with multiple “shield orbs” some drones can even reach 200% of their starting Shield health!



Energy "Orb" - This yellow spinner adds to your Energy, which is important for shooting your lasers and using your tools. Multiple energy pickups can keep adding to your energy past your starting value, up to the drone's maximum.



Gun Powerups



Laser Upgrade - Increases the power of your laser blasters up to a maximum of Level 4.



Quad Laser - Causes each of your laser blasters to shoot two bolts instead of one. 



Vulcan Cannon - Allows your drone to deploy a gatling cannon that shoots conventional bullets at a high rate-of-fire.



Vulcan Ammo - Adds to your ammunition supply for the gatling weapon.



Missile Pickups



Concussion Missile - One or more fast, unguided rockets that inflict splash damage against drones near their explosion.



Homing Missile - A fire-and-forget missile that tracks the target closest to the point of aim at the time of firing.



Mega Missile - A slow-moving, fire-and-forget missile with a massive explosion and significant splash damage!



Gadget Pickups



Laser Grid - A deployable shield that inflicts damage on those who pass through it. Degrades over time, can be killed by missiles.



- More to come!

on Thursday December 03 by Keith McCormic
Anarchy / Team Anarchy
  • Kill anyone you see!
  • If you’re in Team Anarchy, kill anyone who’s not on the same team (color) as you.
  • Points are awarded for damage and kills, and deducted for deaths.
  • When time runs out, the match ends.
Capture the Core
  • Spend as much time close to the core as possible! 
  • If only your team (color) is in that area for a few seconds, it will change to your color and you will earn more points.
  • Using your mining laser tool on the core will increase the speed at which you earn points.
    • Drones with better mining lasers, like the Auger, will earn faster than low-end miners like the Typhoon.
  • When the target number of points is reached, or time runs out, the match ends.
- More to come!
on Thursday December 03 by Keith McCormic

Your HUD shows the most critical information about your ship and its status:




Proceeding clockwise from the upper left-
  • Time Left shows the remaining time until this match ends.
  • Player Name is your display name from It will float above your ship and appear in kill/death messages.
  • Current Ship shows the icon of the ship you are using. The color shows what color stripes your ship currently has. In the future, these will be static throughout a match, but right now color sometimes changes on respawn.
  • Score shows your point total, eventually this might be replaced by your "paycheck" for the match.
  • Kills shows the number of enemy ships you’ve destroyed in this match.
  • Total Health is a number showing the total of your Hull and Shield hit points.
  • Hull % shows the relative amount of Hull you have left, from 0 to 100%.
  • Shield % shows the relative amount of Shield you have left, from 0 to 200%.
  • Current Gadget shows your currently selected deployable Gadget and how many you have in your inventory.
  • Current Missile shows your currently selected Missile and how many you have in your inventory.
  • Current Gun shows your currently selected primary weapon (Gun) and how much ammo it has, if the gun uses ammo.
  • Current Tool shows your currently selected usable Tool.
  • Energy % shows the relative amount of Energy you have left, from 0 to 200%.
  • Energy Total is a number showing how many points of energy you have left to power Tools and Guns.
Known Issue: The “radar” at the bottom center is not currently implemented.
on Thursday December 03 by Keith McCormic

This Early Access version includes three basic game types, “Anarchy”- a free-for-all deathmatch, "Team Anarchy"- kill the other team, and “Capture the Core” in which you try to hold the capture zone and/or mine the core long for points to win.
Be sure to keep an eye out for ways to move up and down- tunnels and openings can appear anywhere!


You can shoot or bump doors to open them.


Oh, and if you’re being pursued down a tunnel, use your “Laser Grid” or "Proximity Mine" Gadget to temporarily block a hallway or even kill an unwary foe! Missiles can kill a Laser Grid, so don’t rely on it for long, though…

There are lots of great things to grab in the map that can help you defeat your enemies.
This blue ball adds to your Shield hit points. It can even overcharge your shields- with multiple “shield orbs” some drones can even reach 200% of their starting Shield health!
This yellow spinner adds to your Energy, which is important for shooting your lasers and using your tools. Multiple energy pickups can keep adding to your energy until you reach 200% of your starting value.
Other powerups have markers that look like this. The icon inside the brackets shows what it is. These powerups include Laser Upgrades, extra Gadgets, and missiles- including the infamous “Mega Missile”!
Sooner or later, everyone gets this screen:
This screen allows you to select a new ship after you die.

Known Issue: In VR mode, this menu still requires use of the keyboard or mouse. Head movement can select on the menu, but it still requires a mouse click. This has to do with the way UE4 handles 3D menu widgets and fixes are being researched.

End of Match
At the end of a match, you will see a score screen with your name highlighted.
After a few seconds, you will return to the Drone Bay.

on Thursday December 03 by Keith McCormic

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