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Some Descent guitar covers

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Since I picked up the guitar this year I've been having a lot of fun and finding a lot of different ways to practice -- most of them involved writing somehow, but since writing can take a while and be more than a little bit... involved, this is another one.
I covered (they are technically remixes, but all the guitar bits were re-recorded from scratch, that being kind of the point) four songs from the first Descent at different points over the course of this year.  It'll probably be fairly obvious to anyone who has some knowledge of the instrument which ones were done earlier this year, which came later, and which one came *much* later.  I prefer to think of it as "learning so fast I can taste it" instead of "being a guitar noob".

Figured some of the fans here, or even somebody at Descendent might like 'em; and since I am nearing the end of my first year on the instrument, and still sticking with it, it's a good time to post a little sample.


Descent Guitar Redux.zip:


They've all got fun little titles referencing the levels they played in or something to do with those levels.  Good luck figuring out which is which before you listen...

And yes, that is a challenge.

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An unusual choice for ship's cat.
Definitely don't go check out https://soundcloud.com/snowfoxden


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These are great covers man, I like listening to them.


LOL just noticed VLC has decided the visual for "Red Spot" needs a Twin Peaks reference. Did you work that into the metadata or album cover database? The 90's revival of MST3K, Twin Peaks, X-Files, etc. feels like it's winding to a close ... or developing into a sharp point ... or something like that



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