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Best Budget Gaming Laptop?

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Hi guys!

I do not know if this is the right topic to put my subject in, if not, please move it for me Smile
I want to get a Budget Gaming Laptop that's worth around $800

I saw several laptops  in this article, can you give me some suggestions? https://pc4u.org/bes...-gaming-laptop/

I Really want a Gaming Laptop with a i5 or i7 processor, if you guys have any suggestions or votes, please comment below and tell me what's the best budget gaming laptop I can get?

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Before anything, please take a moment to read this whole post through.

I strongly, strongly, suggest you not get a gaming laptop. Get a gaming PC instead.

The PC, with a monitor and basic mouse/keyboard, will get you much more performance than you would see over equivalent price laptops. That would allow you to spend less money, and use whats left for a good headset, mouse/keyboard, controller, or some games to enjoy. If you build it yourself (far easier than it sounds), you can stretch your money a lot further too. There are sites that make this process easy, like pcpartspicker.com, that have lists of solid gaming PC builds for every budget, with links to each part.

Take a look at this list, with prices quicky googled, and benchmarks for the CPU and GPUs
The GPU score a little more imprtant than the CPU ones

Acer Aspire V15 Nitro Black Edition - Price - 800

    Intel Core i5-6300HQ @ 2.30GHz 6079
    GeForce GTX 960M    2259

MSI GP60 Leopard-010 - Price -  900
    Intel Core i5-4200M @ 2.50GHz   4039
    GeForce 840M    911

Alienware 14 - Price -  945
    Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.40GHz 7689
    GeForce GTX 765M 1884

Lenovo Y50 - Price -  872
    Intel Core i7-4700MQ @ 2.40GHz 7689
    GeForce 860M 1891

Dell Inspiron 5680 - Price -  600
+ Asus 1080P monitor - Price -  80
    Core i3 8100 - 8080
    GeForce GTX 1050    4623

https://pcpartpicker...el-gaming-build - Price -  540
+ Asus 1080P monitor - Price -  80
+ decent Headset / KB / mouse set - Price - 75
    Core i3 8100 - 8080
    RX 570 - 6728

(This includes a 240GB SSD, making this super responsive over the others)

However, If you're really sure you want the laptop, the Lenovo or Alienware. Just check the return policy, there is a fair chance you'll need it.


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I dealt with Black Friday a few years ago here in the US to get a good deal on a gaming laptop for my VR setup (much easier to haul a laptop around vs a desktop). Beyond using it for VR, I find myself only gaming on my desktop instead due to basically being glued to an outlet because of poor battery life. Some of laptops will switch between the dedicated GPU to integrated graphics (if not playing games) to give you better battery life but it's not all that much more time, especially when you have to give up stuff like g-sync...


I second everything in inspade's reply, especially the part regarding the PC/Desktop. It will be cheaper and you can gradually upgrade parts of it over years to keep it powerful. With most gaming laptops, you can really only upgrade the storage and memory without being forced to buy a whole new one.

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I was thinking to get a good PC for gaming but one of mine friend suggested me to go for a laptop as they are portable and can be used for other purposes also and I can also take it when I travel. So after a long discussion, I finally decided to for Asus gaming laptop.

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