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Frequent Mistake by Game Studios (Please don't make this mistake)

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Good morning Wingmen and women.


Why, why, why in the name of all that is great with gaming do developers/publishers rarely release a demo for games nowadays?


Descent is a unique game, always has been and always will be. There have been few "clones" like Forsaken and few games built with Descent mechanics in mind. With this being said, $30 or $40 is truly a tough sell for someone that is brand new to the franchise. Why is there no demo for the game? Would this not expand the potential audience? Give them a taste of a tutorial mission, or first level of single player. Maybe multiplayer demo tied to a single map with a 3 minute time limit, or a 5 minute time limit. 


Multiplayer demos are a double edged sword because some people like a game just enough to play the demo and never buy the game (Remember Geometry Wars on Xbox 360)


Single player, tutorial, special level, truncated level, something to give people a reason to download it, check it out, and make the full priced purchase.



Let's get people genuinely excited about this game.


We have until February to get this engine running.

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Thank you,


-Vincent Ruvolo


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I am in favor of this idea too.


I actually got introduced to the Descent games by playing the Descent II Demo which was included on a CD of freeware, demo and shareware games and programs for the Early Power Macs (I used to play Descent II on a family computer which was a Mac with OS 9 or something...)  I really enjoyed the game too so around Christmas of 1996 or my family got the "10 Tons of Fun" game pack - Which included the full version game of Descent II.  


Single Player Demos in my mind are a good way to get new people interested in the game, as well as help convince people who might be on the fence about buying the game too. (I played the S.P. Teaser Trailer for Overload too, and decided to later buy it too)


I know that the S.P. demo might be a bit more work to put on the Devs too, but I am in agreement that the time invested is worth it.

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My Claws must need sharpening...


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I think a single player demo would be a great idea. I’ve made a lot of purchase decisions based on demos. Like hereticfurby said, the price point is enough to turn potential pilots away who aren’t given the opportunity to really get a feel for the mechanics, especially since this game style hasn’t been popular in a very long time. It’s a completely new generation of gamers now.
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We have planned a demo for PC, now we need to plan for all the consoles.....will need to discuss, but am generally in favor of this.


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