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Meet my renovated Pentium 3's :)

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Hey all smile.png

Since the P3/EB 933 project kind of was a downfall I decided to use the BX3 and use my P3/EB 933 @ 700Mhz, a friend of mine will send me a 700 and me my 933 to them.
It runs much better now it seems the higher 133Mhz FSB and the VIA Apollo Pro 133 A Chipset didn't go well with the Quantum3D Obsidian2 X-24, that being Voodoo2s and VIA chipsets and 133Mhz FSB's is just a bad idea.

Intel's i440 BX Chipset is the ebst chipset for all 3Dfx Voodoo2 SLI setups and a 100Mhz FSB based CPU. Still using the P/EB 933 Mhz in here but as a P3/E 700Mhz CPU which handles the system just fine :smiley:

Yesterday I renovated and cleaned my two retro Pentium !!! Systems, both using Coppermine CPU's with 133Mhz FSB aka Pentium !!!/EB CPU's.

Avenger M99

Intel Pentium !!!/E 933Mhz Coppermine S.E.C.C. 2 / Slot 1 @ 700Mhz
3x 128MB PC-100 CL2.5 Samsung Original
EPoX EP-BX3 Intel i440 BX Chipset
Diamond Multimedia Viper II Z200 AGP 32MB 128Bit SDR [S3 Savage 2000 AGP 32MB]
Quantum3D Obsidian2 X-24 PCI 24MB 384Bit Edo
Intel Pro 100/S Desktop Adapter
Philips FM/AM Radio Card 8Bit ISA
Creative Labs AWE64 Gold CT4390
NEC 5 Port USB Card + Front Panel 2 External 3 In Front panel ( Instead of Floppy Drive )
NEC 5 Port USB 2.0 PCI Card 4 External 1 Internal
LG 40x/16x CD/DVD RW-Drive
1x Maxtor Diamond Max 9+ 40GB ATA 133
1x Maxtor Diamond Max 9+ 60GB ATA 133
A-Open H600-B Workstation Case
Enermax Modu 525VE 525 Watt PSU

Windows 2000 Professional UK + Service Pack 4
Latest S3 Savage 2000 Drivers for Win2K
Latest Quantum 3D Obsidian2 Drivers For Win2K from NuAngel's aka Garrett 'Tuna' Culver Archive




And here my first 2CPU system that my friend Marco Alblas built on Jan 28, 2000
I just renovated it and cleaned it and kept it alive ever since, plus I gave it a Seagate barracuda V 120GB HDD for extra storage smile.gif

Gradinko SMP 2000

2x Intel Pentium!!!/EB 1Ghz Coppermine, 2x 256KB L2
ABiT VP6 Raid Ver 1.0
4x 512MB PC-133 ECC Reg CL2.5 HP / Micron Crucial
Matrox Parhelia AGP 256MB 256Bit DDR Rev.A 0105 @ AGP x4
Creative Sound Blaster Audigy2 Platinum eX
Intel Pro/1000 MT Fast Ethernet Adapter
Sweex NEC 5 ported USB 2.0 PCI 32 bit card
1x Seagate Barracuda V 80 GB 7200 rpm Ultra ATA 133 HDD @ Ultra ATA 100
1x Seagate Barracuda V 120GB 7200.7 rpm Ultra ATA 133 HDD @ Ultra ATA 100
1x NEC DVD-RW ND 1300A Ultra ATA 100
Addtronics 7896A Server Tower
Enermax 330Watt PSU
Samsung SyncMaster 943
Compaq S710 17" CRT

Windows XP Professional USA + Service Pack 3
Matrox Parhelia Power Desk Drivers August 05, 2007



This was my Descent 1 & 2 Server but also my Quake III Arena gaming system thanks to native SMP support After Point Release 1.32.
Also my very first 2CPU system that was built on smile.png

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