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A Trip Down Memory Lane

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I don't know why I searched "Descent" today in Google, I guess because I just wanted to know if anyone still played the game and if there were any poor souls playing my old levels (Skybox, Pyroglyphic, Wildcards Castle... etc)


It is amazing that a Descent community still exists, been a LONG time since my days with the Wildcards.


This is the first I am hearing about this project... I'll keep an eye on it as it progresses.

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We did a Kickstarter,  then went to Early Access with the Multiplayer (Too early tbh), then signed with a publisher - shut down the Early Access to focus on making the game - we are now in balancing phase, and we have some big announcements coming from our Publisher - Little Orbit.

Also, we are now just called "Descent" and I think we will put the year behind that - as we are reimagining the entire origin story and building up the IP from there.  

It has been 20 years, we hope the apetite for this type of game with a modern twist still exists......and try it on VR at your own risk.



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