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Ridiculous Descent fandom from 1990's

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So I was digging through some old albums and found some photos circa mid-1990s proving my stupid levels of interest in this video game series. Perhaps you've heard of it. Starts with "Desc" ends in "ent" ...


This is me at Christmas 1995 receiving the amazing Sidewinder 3D. (Woah, the hair do, sorry about that younger me.)




I used to play the original game co-op with my old man and I used the throttle on this stick until I re-discovered the instantaneous "A" and "Z" for forward and reverse.


For cultural context, here is an ad for the famous joystick ripped from a Microsoft "Home" CD-ROM (the 90s was when Microsoft was in a full fledged invasion campaign of the home which, looking back now, is very funny when compared with the true power of Facebook and iPhones today).



But we laughed out loud when my partner stumbled on this grumpy mug.




I really did not think we had pictures from this period of my life. During this cheesy religious "confirmation" at a church retreat many awkward teens like myself were encouraged to decorate some kind of sash with elements of our lives that represented ... Importance? Fuzzy feelings? Ambiguity? I don't remember. I do remember being reluctant to humor my parents with their Church activities and you can see it in my grimacing face next to my apparently proud father.


Among the images (whose special meaning I cannot fathom today) are: symbols of the religions of Christianity and Einsteinian science along with a small flat triangle, a blue heart, a stick person, a computer monitor, a book and some "HA HA" letters ... but what's this?





The iconic insane mining robot from Descent ... made of green and red paper or felt of some kind? Yes. It is. Not only is it a fine escape from ordinary life, it seems the game series is related to a religious experience to a teenage Defcon X. LOL


What's next? A Descent tattoo? Or perhaps some sort of cult that worships the green mining robot?

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