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As I have been playing lately I have noticed a few changes to the mechanics (or what seems like that) and the way the game plays:


  • Ship Speed - Drones seem much slower and hits/kills are much easier to get. I think that the current values are rather good but I would like to see a greater spectrum here,  in other words, increasing speed of the faster drones, and slightly slow the slower ones a bit more. ( Predators should be able to do doughnuts around a Panzer :P )
  • Fusion Cannon - as noted by Inspades; the fusion cannon seems to have much stronger bolt strength when it is charged a bit.  I like this change as well, it is much more in my opinion the type of weapon it was in Descent 1
  • Mega Missile backfiring - Not good. I have done this a few times in vs. AI and I noticed that it does not damage the drone too much... although it may be a temporary fix it could result in easy kills if done right.
  • AI behavior in Survival - I have noticed that in the early stages (3 - 5 or so) you can eliminate all but one enemy drone and get it to sort of follow you and then lose it an a not active zone to provide easier capture of the Nanofactory.  I like this as a good strategy, but I think after some time the drone should start to look for you. as well.  I think what happens is you lose it and it just piddles around until you capture the Nanofactory


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