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A compliment on game modes

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I have been playing the game modes you developed for multi-player and listening to some old Descent tunes and something finally clicked for me that I think I haven't mentioned.


The new game modes in Descent: Underground are finally living up to the epic sound of the old (and new) Descent music.


What I mean is, when I played classic Descent and Descent II, I loved the music and a big part of the game experience was the epic music, but the music somewhat made up for the lackluster variety of gameplay. (Not a knock against the originals, it was a formula that worked really well).


I didn't realize this until playing Descent 3 and a few other modern games that the way the music interacts with the gameplay is a big part of the storytelling that helps one's imagination in the universe.


Classic Descent games had enough storytelling but D:U has more depth already, and as a result the music from all the games, from Underground to D3 is given more meaning. Kind of like how a story's music can slowly amp up over the course of an overture.


This is a weird comment, maybe, but it really does feel to me like your prequel properly justifies the epic sound of the entire series' music. As a single story that now goes from somewhere I'm guessing in the "humans vs. bots" asteroid wars through the lone Material Defender's journey as a key part of the defeat of the PTMC (which, in ending, undoes some of the moral corruption arising out of humanity's need for their asteroid space race to save Earth), the nuance and emotional range of the background music has gained meaning that wasn't there before.


At least, you could certainly imagine the reason the range was there. It was just "cool music" or whatever. But it's even better that, as an interactive story series, we are now given the opportunity to play in the story that more or less retroactively establishes the universe and sets up the first epic (the classic games' storylines) as well as making a basis for the whole space opera and whatever other story arcs you'd want to develop in it.


So anyway, congrats, and keep up the good work.


And I'm looking forward to some Hot Rock one day, even as an expansion or spin off. smile.png

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Thanks, defcon_x!

What? No, just somethin' in my eye...

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