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Survival: Why Wait For All Nanofactories to Respawn?

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As a fairly inexperienced coop survival player I find it very frustrating that I spend most of the game in spectator mode.


First, let me point out that I have played the map as single player so have a basic idea of how to play survival, but I do not have the map memorized so I can easily get in trouble by cornering myself. When I start I spend three minutes or so spectating someone. Eventually it is my turn to spawn but everyone zips off somewhere so I just take the first door I find. Everyone else did that too, so now we have 4 nano factory progress bars showing. Five drones spawn in mine and I quickly find myself cornered (because I don't know the room layout) and dead soon after that. Then I spend several more minutes waiting for the other three to fully activate ALL FOUR of the nano factories before I can play again.


Then the process basically repeats. This time I stick close to someone's tail so I don't get off by myself, but as soon as the five drones appear everyone else runs away and I don't know where to hide so I face all five alone and not too long after that I die, because I can't take out all five alone. Thanks guys. And I'm back to spectator mode for several more minutes.


This would be easier if filling up just one nano factory progress bar would respawn team members. (If that is too overpowered, then respawn just one of them.)


I also don't get why we can start the process on so many at once and then have to fully activate ALL of them. Either only let us start one at a time, or a couple, or else don't make us have to activate all of them.


The problem is exacerbated by the lack of voice chat. I'm not going to do text chatting while fighting for my life. So I can't ask where everyone went or call for backup.


It might also help to have spectator mode not tied to a ship, because then I could at least do some exploring while waiting to respawn so I'm a little less hopeless next time I do.



I'm trying to give some feedback here about how to make survival mode more approachable. Note that I also didn't get any in-game training (nor do I know a good out-of-game resource) about this mode, so I don't really know the best way to play it and therefore maybe I'm doing it wrong.

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Thank you for the feedback! We are reviewing Survival, including balance issues like respawn times and quality-of-life issues like the observer camera. 


Voice chat is on our list of things we'd like to get implemented in-game. In the meantime, we do have a Discord server at https://discord.gg/0XkFhNvWST3A38IV that you can use with other D:U players.

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