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Game Mode with Miner Mayhem - Free for All style

Minor Mayhem Game Modes Ideas Free for All

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I have an idea for a free for all multiplayer game mode, very similar to the Miner Mayhem mode.


How it would work is that the miner (maybe more than one on big maps?) would appear and the players would each try to possess him and for big points, score him in a shared goal.  There would not be a goal for scoring the miner but a time limit that at the end the player with the most points wins (Like anarchy)


I think it would be a difficult task to actually be the one who scores the miner in a match with many players as well. It would be a hoot to watch videos of as well  ;P


Finally as a name i could see Miner Chaos or something like that...

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Sounds kind'a fun (and very challenging) to me  smile.png

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