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Best VR Settings for D:U

VR Oculus Rift Game Settings

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So thanks to that Oculus Rift sale earlier this week, I finally jumped into VR, and it is awesome! Naturally I figured I'd give D:U a whirl since it supports VR gameplay. So that leads me to some questions...


Is there a recommended VR graphics preset somewhere? And do I need to change the graphics settings in non-VR options before loading into VR? It didn't seem to want to let me change the presets while in VR.


If there's not currently a VR-specific preset, what are the recommended settings for an Oculus Rift? I'm trying to get that ideal constant 90 fps to reduce motion sickness.


My specs:


GPU: GTX 970

CPU: R7 1700




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I got a gtx 1070 for my rift and it handles the game pretty well on medium - high settings for clean fps. Your 970 may require it reduced a little; something for you to play with.

I think I also adjusted the fov to the widest possible so that I wasn't so constricted in the headset where normal drones looked huge, and a little closer to what I'm used to on a monitor.

I found that DU works pretty well for me to avoid motion sickness. It has a decent amount of weight and inertia to the ships. I tried playing sublevel Zero even with the new update and that one still does in my tummy because their ship is like a hummingbird. Overload is also very comfortable like DU, but again I made the widest fov setting, and even then that game has some Fps slowdowns in VR which can make it hard to play once there's a ton of stuff on screen.
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How has this been lately? I haven't played in quite a while and currently downloading the update.. Figured i would try using the vr on it but one thing i have notice with other similar style game with vr is that is never feels like it runs at 90 even with settings dropped way down.... Don't know if thats the case with this one yet.. Shame there isn't a way to simulate like 120fps like what televisions do usually simulating 240 in unreal.

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Not much change on the VR front as far as what has been released as the build you can download is still from last year.  I found it worked fairly well with my vive.  My 1070 ti does play better than my 970 i had before.  Im looking forward to testing the new version coming 'soon' in my VR.

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