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I received an early access key from EDAC and I just wanted to drop you guys a line or two on my feedback and bugs I have encountered while playing using a controller. I understand the game is in early access so obviously take any of my feedback with a grain of salt.
Bugs: In the map/mode selection window I was able to have my selector go to the back of the window. IE the map/mode selection window is popped up but my selection cursor is on the ship select.
I do enjoy how the missiles have a homing property as it helps line up shots. The key bindings are intuitive.

  • It isn't inherently obvious how I should use the targeting "X" and "O". 
  • The onboard UI takes up too much space. Shields, health could be abstracted to bars. Having actual health/shields numbers makes it hard to look at when so much is happening on screen. The same goes for your arsenal, it's hard to keep an eye on it since it's a bit tucked out of sight. 
  • The selector in the menus is a little hard to see. Maybe using solid lines instead of doted ones would help make this more clear. 
  • Navigating the maps was a little disorienting while playing against AI. The radar was giving me no information on the location of the enemy AI. I'm assuming that while playing multiplayer the notion of where "I am" doesn't matter as much since I'm flying about killing enemies but VS AI it kind of feels disorienting. This may be due to the fact that the AI isn't actively chasing me.
  • If I am able to change ships between each deaths why not have the ship choice occur as a loadout before the match starts. It just seems like it's adding an extra layer that I don't need to worry about until I'm in game. 

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