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Chat QoL issues

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1) In game chat cuts off the last line in a message every time so that you constantly have to scroll down. Is there a fix for this?


2) If you hit the chat button in game immediately after a death and the select ship button comes up, you have to hit the chat button again to continue typing. Is there a way to let all the player to finish their message without being interrupted?


3) The player typing "..." indicator in game is poorly visible. Changing the shape from a triangle to a square and keeping the color the same is not distinctive enough to quickly identify if someone is typing from a distance. Could the size of this indicator be made bigger, and maybe changed to a universal white thought bubble or something? I hate scoring cheap shots because I didn't recognize someone was typing.

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Yes, and also there is a problem where the backspace function will erase 2 characters instead of 1, and it won't let you do more than 2 characters.


I can't reproduce this, it happens at random. But if you engage chat and get cut off by a match ending that seems to be one of the possible triggers.

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Yeah, I've noticed lots of bugs when you get cut off. Whether that's by the match starting/ending or if you're living on the dangerous side and text while flying!

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