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Playing C:FW through a firewall


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How Can I Play Conquest Through A Firewall?
If you are playing Conquest through a firewall, you will need to open & forward the following ports. 2300-2400, & 47624.
These ports need to be available for Conquest Internet play. We will describe below the steps necessary to get the Links for router/firewall to work with Conquest, similar routers work with the same setup outlined below.
The first step is to find out the IP address for your computer. Under the start menu button at the bottom left of your windows screen select the start button, then programs, then MS Dos Prompt. In a Dos prompt window type in the following "Ipconfig". This will give you the IP address that your computer is using. Write down the IP address, the Subnet mask, and the default gateway, you will need all 3 for the next step. Now close the Dos Prompt window.
Now right click on Network neighborhood on your windows desktop. Now select properties at the bottom of the pop up tab. You are now in the setup area for your network card. In the list of available network cards and options select the TCP/IP network interface card setting, or NIC. Once you have highlighted that option, hit the properties tab. Now you are in the actual settings of the TCP/IP network card. It is probably set to "Obtain an IP address automatically". We are going to change that to "Specify an address". Select the "Specify an address" button, and insert the IP address and subnet mask that you wrote down from the previous step. This makes sure that when we open up the necessary ports on the firewall, that they will ALWAYS be sent to this computer. Now select the gateway tab and enter the Default Gateway that you have also written down from the previous step.
Click the oK or apply button, and go ahead and reboot your system to have the new settings implemented. When you are back up and running, a quick check to see if everything is working is to browse the internet for a second, if that works, you have completed the steps outlined above correctly.
In order to configure the Linksys router for Conquest Internet play you need to open up it's administration area through your internet browser. The default address for the admin area is
Type the address of the router's' admin page in the address field of your Internet browser. The router will then ask you for a user name and password. The default admin settings for the Linksys router are to leave the name field blank or empty, and type in "admin" in the password field.
You should then have access to the router's settings page. Click on the far right tab labeled "Advanced". Look towards the bottom of the page for a setting called "Block Wan Request" make sure that "disable" is selected. 
Now select the "forwarding" tab at the top of the screen. This is where we will open up the ports necessary to run Conquest through a firewall on the internet. In the field called "Service port range" put 2300 in the first available left field and 2400 in the field next to it. Then make sure that the IP address listed for these ports is the one you wrote down earlier, you should only have to input the last 3 number of your IP address. Probably or something similar.
Now, also in the "Service Port range" enter 47624 in the left field and 47624 in the right field and also make sure that your IP is the one entered for this open port as well. Again, probably or something similar.
Now click the apply button and you are ready to play Conquest on the internet. 
If your router distinguishes between UDP and TCP, open up both of them.

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