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[BUG][ENGINE] Game launches at wrong resolution.

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Summary: I have the game's resolution set to 1920x1080 (windowed). The game always launches in another resolution.


Steps to reproduce:
 1. Set the game's resolution to 1920x1080, and screen mode to windowed under the Options>Graphics menu.

 2. Restart the game.



 The game opens in a different resolution. The options menu still says that it's 1920x1080.


Expected Result:

 The game opens in 1920x1080



 When the game opens, select a different resolution from the drop down menu, then select 1920x1080 and hit apply.


Game version: Steam Production build 2940 ("Avalanche")

OS: KDE neon 5.8 (Ubuntu 16.04 derivative)

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Hi, could you open .config/Epic/Descent/Saved/Config/LinuxNoEditor/GameUserSettings.ini and post the results here?


Also, do you have an estimate as to what resolution it opens at?  What is your monitor's native resolution?

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Even though I post in dev orange, that doesn't mean you should take my word as gospel. What I say is what I know at time of writing. Programming is, at all times, a learning experience. Things change.


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if You have a GTX 6,7,9, or 10 series try going to Nvdia Experience and/or control panel. This is something that i have found happens to me as well. However, I im pretty sure that depending on the model of your monitor and Nvdia settings, that this is normal. furthermore try messing around with your display advanced settings to see if there is anything there that could help. 


please note that this is from my own experience with fixing graphical and resolution errors. I cant help you if this dosent work.

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