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Updates looking good - Coming back after a while

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Just wanted to say, and I do hope the developers see this...

Great job on the updates. I left for a good while there after a good deal of time of monitor bugs not being worked on and optimization being rather...poor despite a powerful rig. I lost a bit of faith which was unfortunate with how much money I put into the kick starter.

I've come back on a whim and see quite a bit of work has been done. The bugs I was worried about have all been taken care of, and the optimizations seem to be coming along nicely where my rig no longer suffers issues. Guess I can say, and I'm happy to say this, I jumped the gun on losing faith.

Looking forward to the campaign mode and maybe I'll take full advantage of my tier rewards after all ;P


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Thanks a ton, we are closed this week, but I will make sure to let the team know about this thread....thanks !

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