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When posting a report of a bug, please use a comprehensive format so that the developers understand the issue.  A standard bug reporting format is below. The important thing is that we have the information in a good format that will help the developers.


There should only be ONE thread per bug and only ONE bug in each thread. Please make sure you check to see if a bug has already been reported before posting a new thread about it. Making a massive post of 100 bugs also doesn't help much as many of those have probably already been reported and the team needs full detail on each, not just a list of one-liners.

Each bug report should have the following sections:

In a nutshell, describe what is going on. Include anything that you think is relevant. For example, did this bug only start appearing after a recent patch?

Steps to Reproduce the Bug/Issue:
Make a numbered list of the steps that caused this bug to occur. This is the most important part of the bug report. Bugs that can't be reproduced are VERY difficult to fix.

Describe exactly what happens. Do you have an inclination as to what is occurring?

Expected Result:
Describe how the behavior should be different from the behavior you described. Be clear if you know the behavior is incorrect or if it just seems suspicious.

Software/Hardware Configuration:
What build version and environment did this happen in? What OS are you running? What is your Hardware Configuration? Some bugs only happen in certain configurations, so this can be an important part of the report.

Supporting Information:
If you have them, then supplying pictures, logs, etc. can be invaluable, particularly if it's a visual glitch/bug.

How to Title your Bug:


Where the different categories can be :

GRAPHICAL: Glitches, missing textures, wrong mapping, modeling gone wrong, etc.
LAUNCHER: All the bugs that comes only with the launcher (crashes, freezes, sound, etc.)
ENGINE: All the bugs relative to the engine itself (exe stopped working, no sound, etc.)
OTHER: All the others bugs that are too weird to be classified under a specific category

The categories will help sorting the bugs by different types.

Main rule for the title is to keep it short and simple, but describe the main issue.

Some examples made to demonstrate the concept.

[BUG] [LAUNCHER] - Crash with message after launch since installing Skype
[BUG] [GRAPHICAL] - Wall texture missing.
[BUG] [ENGINE] - Engine.exe stopped working with error code XXX.XXX.ABC

[BUG] [OTHER] - Wow ! It crashed just after I double-clicked on the icon with a MAJOR FREEZE just before !!!!
[BUG] [HARDWARE] - Wall texture missing wut?!
[BUG] [LAUNCHER ] - Last patch is trash!, fix it!

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