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Thoughts From Behind the Camera

Posted by Viewmaster , 25 March 2015 · 1,832 views

Thoughts From Behind the Camera Cut! Print! Check the gate!

For decades, those words spoken by an assistant director told a film crew they were moving on to the next camera angle. And, so it is, here in the Descendent Studios office as we are "turning it around" to get a new angle on the game's development. When we started this adventure, we offered you our credentials and a big idea. Today, we're cranking out new map and ship concepts, tying game dynamics into the Unreal Engine 4 environment, and drilling down into the details of our design. I just gotta say, thanks for coming along for the ride this far.

Today was my turn in front of the camera (and, even when I'm in front of the camera, I'm behind it.) Eric and I chatted about my experience and aspirations for Descent: Underground.

Other Cool Stuff:

Rob Irving took some time to talk with Eric about ship classes in his first Design: Underground episode.

Eric joined the Reddit forum for his first AMA with the D:U community.

Be sure to visit and vote for our Steam Greenlight Page. We hope to be able to deliver D:U in the space as well as through DRM-free releases.

Join our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter feeds to you can keep up with the latest from the Descent: Underground team.

And, look for more design and artwork coolness as we continue to crank up the production pipeline.

See ya on (and off) camera.


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Good stuff. :)

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Nice, very cool that Carl Sagan was mentioned. One of my very favorite human beings.

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