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"I'm ready for my closeup Mr. Wingman."

Posted by Viewmaster , 03 September 2015 · 4,279 views

"I'm ready for my closeup Mr. Wingman."

Another week. Another episode of Wingman's Hangar. And now, it's time to get you on the show!


If you backed during our Kickstarter campaign with a pledge tier including a guest appearance on Wingman's Hangar (such as BE A LEGEND), it's time to step up.


If you're interested, have a webcam, mic, and Skype, head on over to this spiffy sign-up thread and give us your details. We'll coordinate a call date and time and get you on the show!


Even if you didn't pledge for a reward that includes a guest appearance, you can always submit a video question for FFFForum FFFFeedback. We love video questions!




Last night, we streamed some live gameplay using the most recent build we've tested with the Advisory Board!


If you haven't seen it yet, you can still watch it but be sure to fast forward to the 10 minute mark if you don't want to see us setting up:



Attached Image: 20150903-BlogVM-GameStreamPlayButton.PNG


Also, be sure to tune on Friday at 11 AM Central time for the latest episode of Wingman's Hangar:





"It's your show and you can try if you want to."

Posted by Viewmaster , 11 June 2015 · 5,226 views

"It's your show and you can try if you want to." "Try if you want to. Try if you want to..."

I'm wrapping up the week's video productions and gotta say we enjoyed having so many community Forum Feedback videos on Wingman's Hangar. Be sure to check those out on Friday. So, let's take this further.


We're always brainstorming ideas for new segments and bits. Perhaps, you have an idea or two you can share that could be featured on the show. In the past few years we've brought you;
  • Weekly Weather Report (in space);
  • Masterpiece Citizen with Alistaire Sinclair Fitzsmithy;
  • Wingman's Nosecam;
  • Hazy Thoughts with Mark Skelton;
  • This Week In Space, and;
  • many off-the-cuff hijinks we couldn't possibly have planned in advance.
So put your beanie thinking caps on and, between you, me and six-degrees-of-awesome ™, let us know what you want to see.




Here's this week's Wingman's Hangar promo:

Also, Eric, Rob, and Keith were on Starr Mazer this week. Check out their interview:


Step up to the microphone and Make a Video!

Posted by Viewmaster , 21 May 2015 · 2,525 views

Step up to the microphone and Make a Video! As I cut together the week's shows, I realize something is missing: YOUR VOICE!


One of the things I've truly enjoyed over the eighty-four episodes of Wingman's Hangar/Hangout I've produced, is the fun videos the fans of Star Citizen and Descent: Underground send in. From truckers-with-an-iphone, to automated-anime, to cosplay-costumes-on-greenscreen, we've seen your creativity shine.

With Wingman's Hangout episode 12, we're settling into a good groove. The only thing missing is your voice. We hear you on the forums. Let's get you on camera! To that end, I offer (tongue firmly in cheek) this WikiHow To Make a YouTube Video.

But seriously, grab an iphone and a flashlight and send in your F-F-F Forum Feedback questions.

Or, stretch a green sheet across your wall, don a leather jacket and game headset, and strap into your virtual control cockpit for some screaming action.


Tune into our Twitch Channel at 11am CDT (1600 UTC) on Friday, May 22, for another fun-filled Wingman's Hangar.

And watch our YouTube Channel for Rob Irving's Design: Underground - this week - the HUD!

I know you know to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to get the latest updates as soon as they appear.




Join the Underground!

Posted by Viewmaster , 07 May 2015 · 2,613 views

Join the Underground! As I sit in my office, cutting video programs together, it seems there is a constant string of scrums and design meetings going on outside my door. So, what the heck? I went and shot some video of the proceedings! Here's a sneak peek:

Now, if you would like a super-inside, mainline look at the development of D:U, become a member of The Underground. In addition to private access to real-time, live-streamed design meetings, you'll enjoy a private Underground forum and access to Alpha and Beta releases of the game.


And, we're getting our art team ramped up - a steady feed of concepts, mood sketches, and layouts is coming our way. We featured some of that on this week's Wingman's Hangout. We'll be releasing the original art as we go so you can see how we arrive at the look of Descent: Underground.


Watch the latest Wingman's Hangout. Eric and Rob share the latest in ship hueing, auger concepts, and game box art from the community.

While on the subject of game box art, there's a minor storm brewing here in the office after everyone got a look at the "Eric Peterson Game" box design. Rob, in particular, appears to be scheming up something of his own. I'd keep an eye on him. He scares me. ;-)

And a big shout out to InMotion. They're approaching the end of their Kickstarter campaign for their competitive deck-building card game with a definite culinary touch. Cuisine a la Card is a fast-paced, competitive deck-building card game of creating and submitting meals for a panel of judges. Check out their Kickstarter.

Remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to stay in-the-know about everything Descent: Underground.

See you... Underground.



Get Into the Groove . Wingman's Hangout ep08 is up

Posted by Viewmaster , 22 April 2015 · 2,771 views

Get Into the Groove . Wingman's Hangout ep08 is up Woot! We got episode 8 of Wingman's Hangout out to twitch and on the youtubes. F-F-F Forum Feedback is back with answers to your pressing questions. We take you on a personal tour of our massive 1400-square-foot office complex. And that pesky Creeper Dev is back.

Watch episode 8 right here.

Tune into TwitchTV channel at 11am CST to watch the show live then catch it on-demand with our new Playlist on YouTube.


And, if you have a question for next week's show, submit your thoughts, illustrations, and videos in our forum thread:

We love creative videos from the community. You can vastly improve the chances of having your question answered with a cool video. Just remember our mantra: "Don't Suck." :-D

And tell us what you would like to see in the show. Perhaps you have a cool idea for a new segment. Perhaps you can BE a new segment!


Rob Irving's next Design: Underground will be airing this coming Monday so watch for that YouTube upload. He'll be sharing the nitty gritty of design each week so mark that on your calendars.

The DS Store is open. If you missed a chance to pledge during our Kickstarter campaign, become a backer and help us reach our first stretch goal - the release of the Shaman ship. If you're already a backer, soon you will be able to upgrade your Kickstarter pledge, if you wish.

The AMD 290X graphics card giveaway is still underway. We're awarding a graphics card to the top three referrers. Check out the details.

And, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels so you can be the first to know about the latest from Descendent Studios.

Michael "Viewmaster" Morlan


Reaching for the Stars

Posted by Viewmaster , 16 April 2015 · 3,336 views

Reaching for the Stars Well, perhaps just reaching out to you, our stars. I'm responsible for pumping out the jams each week and sharing everything we're doing with you. Look for live streams, videos, blog posts, interviews, and the usual fun my mates have become known for.

Here's a look at what you can expect each week:
  • Monday - YouTube . Design: Underground . a look at an aspect of D:U design
  • Tuesday - Blog . Anything Goes . a free-for-all look at D:U development
  • Wednesday - 11am Central . twitch.tv . Wingman's Hangout livestream - our leading community show
  • Thursday - Blog . Viewmaster's View . sharing experiences with the team, fans, lore, anything that seems fun and interesting.
    Also look for the What the FAQ!? forum thread where you can ask questions of the team. We'll pick the best questions to answer on the next week's Wingman's Hangout.
  • Friday - Blog . Week in Review
  • Saturday - Blog . Most Valuable Post
I'll also be placing these on the DS calendar for easy reference.


If you missed today's live stream, watch Wingman's Hangout on YouTube.

We also released the entire nine hours of our Kickstarter Wrapup livestream. Watch it, if you dare.

The DS Store is open. If you missed a chance to pledge during our Kickstarter campaign, become a backer and help us reach our first stretch goal - the release of the Shaman-class ship.

The AMD 290X graphics card giveaway is still underway. We're awarding a graphics card to the top three referrers. Check out the details.

Kickstarter data migration is underway. We'll get your KS pledges and add-ons integrated into your DS profiles once we have received everything, and yes, you will then be recognized as a BACKER on the forums.

And, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels so you can be the first to know about the latest from Descendent Studios.

Thanks for the opportunity to bring back a game I originally played back in 1995. I'm really looking forward to helping bring this to the fans.

Michael "Viewmaster" Morlan


48 Hours to go!

Posted by Viewmaster , 09 April 2015 · 2,252 views

48 Hours to go! Well it has come down to this - the last 48 hours, and we are gonna need that final finishing kick.

We will have some pretty cool stuff to show over the next few days, here is a small teaser for you guys to look forward to.

Also, we are going to be live streaming quite a bit over the next two days on our Twitch channel.

Tomorrow at 10am CST and Friday at the same time we have an all day stream going.

We have some fun stuff to show, and to do, with all of you as we surge towards that magical finish line of $600,000 on our Kickstarter campaign.

We also added a new tier today - for $100 you can pick up 4 copies of the game and they come with both Alpha and Beta access. These can all be gifted to a friend after the campaign ends.

Today we launched our refer a friend contest, where the top people who bring in new backers will win an AMD 295X Video card. Get the details on our forums.


We also want to give a big shout out to our friends at Massive Damage as they enter the final hours of their campaign for Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander - please check it out, we need more space games.

And while we are shouting, check out Starr Mazer, while we might have missed their Kickstarter the game is pretty interesting and really cool, Eric met them at SXSW and loved the concept and you can back on their site.

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Thoughts From Behind the Camera

Posted by Viewmaster , 25 March 2015 · 2,017 views

Thoughts From Behind the Camera Cut! Print! Check the gate!

For decades, those words spoken by an assistant director told a film crew they were moving on to the next camera angle. And, so it is, here in the Descendent Studios office as we are "turning it around" to get a new angle on the game's development. When we started this adventure, we offered you our credentials and a big idea. Today, we're cranking out new map and ship concepts, tying game dynamics into the Unreal Engine 4 environment, and drilling down into the details of our design. I just gotta say, thanks for coming along for the ride this far.

Today was my turn in front of the camera (and, even when I'm in front of the camera, I'm behind it.) Eric and I chatted about my experience and aspirations for Descent: Underground.

Other Cool Stuff:

Rob Irving took some time to talk with Eric about ship classes in his first Design: Underground episode.

Eric joined the Reddit forum for his first AMA with the D:U community.

Be sure to visit and vote for our Steam Greenlight Page. We hope to be able to deliver D:U in the space as well as through DRM-free releases.

Join our Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter feeds to you can keep up with the latest from the Descent: Underground team.

And, look for more design and artwork coolness as we continue to crank up the production pipeline.

See ya on (and off) camera.



Mwooaaaaarrrwwwww, SPLOOSH!

Posted by Viewmaster , 12 January 2015 · 2,382 views

Mwooaaaaarrrwwwww, SPLOOSH! Woot! Here we are!

It's been a while. Too long. But, now I can share my excitement about joining the Descendent team.

Yep. Gonna be working with my buddy, Wingman, once again. We're gonna produce more video goodness to share the ongoing development of STFU with you. And yes, we're gonna take the lid back off and return to the fun and hijinks of yesteryear. If you liked the early episodes of Wingman's Hangar - developer interviews, behind-the-scenes peeks - you're gonna love what we do at Descendent. Oh yeah. And that pesky F-F-F-Forum Feedback. We might do that too. ;-)

But first, we have to gear up for a fundraising campaign!

Once more unto the breech, dear friends.