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Tech Update 3

Posted by Stormwind , 24 March 2015 · 3,047 views

Tech Update 3 Hi everyone

The excitement around the return of Descent is great!

The community's enthusiasm for Descent: Underground is awesome, and drives us to work with you to make the game even better.

One of the most common technical questions we've been asked is - Why did we choose Unreal Engine 4?

Some of the factors that put Unreal Engine 4 in the lead of our evaluation:
  • Advanced rendering features - PBR (Physically Based Rendering), GPU particle simulation, materials, post-processing effects, and more to make D:U look great!
  • Wide platform support - including all the major PC platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac).
  • Low latency and high framerate rendering plus continued VR development - because VR is made for 6 degrees of freedom gameplay!
  • Impressive tools - for example, technical designers and gameplay programmers can implement gameplay logic in Unreal Editor via the Blueprint visual scripting system, allowing quick iteration when creating features and polishing the game.
  • Continual support and development - with Epic Games frequently releasing updates via Git and/or Perforce for easier merging into the Descent: Underground codebase.
  • Flexible licensing model with low cost full source code access with updates - the new engine licensing models, with low to no upfront costs, are great for bootstrapped startups like us.
  • Stability - we expect Unreal Engine and Epic Games to be around and in the engine business for a long time.
In summary, Unreal Engine 4 was the best fit for the features and gameplay of Descent: Underground.

Additionally, we now have a Steam Greenlight page! Go there and help vote us up!

And coming up soon - Look for Rob Irving's Design Underground to be released at 4pm CDT tomorrow on our YouTube channel, subscribe to keep up to date.

Also, look for Eric "Wingman" Peterson's AMA on Wednesday at 11am CDT on Reddit.

Preparing for descent!
Jason Stormwind Spangler

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Mar 24 2015 02:39 AM

Unreal IV is a powerful engine indeed. I still remember when Epic Megagames made titles like "One Must Fall 2097" and "Jazz Jackrabbit", though! :D


Also, to anyone who's on the fence about if Greenlight is a good idea, check out my post here: http://descendentstu...ge-2#entry10208 Greenlight is a really good way to bring new eyes onto the project. If you know anyone who is interested in DU but isn't willing to put down money, direct them to Greenlight. Upvoting is free, and if they favorite the Greenlight page, Steam will let them know when the project pushes out any updates.

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I am sure Greenlight is a good move. Anything that gets the word out about DU is a good thing!

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I am sure Greenlight is a good move. Anything that gets the word out about DU is a good thing!

I agree ShoGun more PR is what we need

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i love Unreal Engine :)

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