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Open Source at Descendent Studios

Posted by Stormwind , 04 September 2016 · 2,270 views

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Open Source at Descendent Studios

I'm happy to announce our open source initiative here at Descendent Studios!


We use both open source (including many tools and libraries) and available source (like Unreal Engine 4, which is commercial with source publicly available - and uses many open source libraries itself) in the development of Descent: Underground, so we wanted to give something back to the development community by making some of the code we've created available.


You can find Descendent Studios' open source and available source development at: https://github.com/DescendentStudios


Our projects include:

  • BlinkenPlugin, a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) that controls accessory lighting like Razer Chroma, Alienware AlienFX, and Logitech G from both C++ and Blueprint.
  • PingPlugin, a UE4 plugin that allows ICMP pinging of hosts from Blueprint so UIs can display ping times.
  • XMPPChatPlugin, a UE4 plugin to use XMPP chat (think Jabber) via Blueprint so in-game chat systems can be implemented more easily.
  • ExtraConfigPlugin, a UE4 plugin to manipulate input and graphics configuration from Blueprint so configuration UIs can be implemented more efficiently.
  • Our contributions (additions and fixes) to several existing open source projects like OSVR-Unreal, nodervisor, discord-xmpp, and others.
We hope the development community finds these projects useful - we'd love to hear if you use them! And if you improve them, please submit a pull request to us as we'd be very excited to continue development together with the community. We also hope to add more projects in the future.



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