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Tech Underground - Virtual Reality Edition!

Posted by Stormwind , 29 June 2015 · 9,043 views

Tech Underground - Virtual Reality Edition! Greetings Descendents!

Rob Irving's Design Underground with Rob Irving has taken the day off - giving a chance for Tech Underground to rise to the occasion!

Silliness aside, in this inaugural episode of Tech Underground I discuss Virtual Reality development in general and specifically in regards to Descent: Underground with Finn Staber, VR advocate extraordinaire and Programmer/Designer from fellow indie dev Portalarium (making Shroud of the Avatar).

(Please go easy on me - I'm new at speaking for more than a few minutes at a time on camera. For example, I need to stop saying "uh" so much!)

We continue to plow forward on our first vertical slice - the game engineering team has recently worked on the following:
  • Flight Mechanics continues to be worked on - integrating our flight model and UE4 physics and network replication is proving a fun challenge.
  • Shields, Armor, Hits, and Explosions are in - shields then armor takes damage, effects play, and ships blow up.
  • Basic HUD has been completed - showing shield and armor status, energy, ammo counts, and more.
  • Basic Anarchy Game Mode, Basic Login, and Drone Bay are almost done.
  • Build System - we continue work on our automated and continuous build system built upon the open source Buildbot.
Have any ideas for topics of future Tech Underground segments? Share them in the comments and we'll see what we can do!

Preparing for Descent,
- Jason

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Very interesting bit. Don't worry about speaking in front of a camera, you just need some practice. Keep shoving Rob to the side on mondays and you'll get it. ;)

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Thanks, this was interesting. Current VR might still be "an early glimpse", but the perspectives are indeed promising!


One future technical topic that would be very interesting is how the private LAN servers, the DS hosted private servers and the official servers are planned to relate. Are the main servers DS uses technically identical to the LAN servers we will get? Will the modes on the main server just be "mods" on the same level as we can build our own? Can we perhaps even slightly or completely modify them? (Thus: is the complete game logic, events etc. of the official modes scripted or partially hardcoded)? Can we also host community mods of our choice on the DS hosted servers? Or only "chosen ones"?

Would full peer to peer (without a dedicated server) also be an option?

Questions like these - and probably a lot more server and network related stuff you might find interesting to tell us :)

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Would like to hear more about the specific challenges in implementing the D1/D2 flight model in UE4.

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