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Posted by Whitener , 13 March 2015 · 1,793 views

We've added TWO NEW tiers based on YOUR feedback!!

First, a $25.00 "Prepare for Descent" tier

for those wanting only the game

We've also added an $85.00 "I Did it My Way" three ship package

for those who may not want the Wasp in their arsenal.

You spoke, and we listened! More news coming!!

Pledge your support at http://descendentstudios.com/ks


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Thanks for these. :)

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How about 2 more tiers?

Signed Box at $200-$220 (including international shipping and previous rewards)

Proving Grounds at $300-$350 (digital only, no signed box)


Both of these would tempt me to throw moar money at screen!

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...it sure would be nice if we luddites could get a basic physical copy for less than half a grand...
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