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Descent: Underground - Winter update

Posted by Wingman , 10 December 2016 · 2,138 views

Descent: Underground - Winter update

Hello Descenters!


We just released a major update to Descent: Underground, with lots of goodies for you to enjoy. Things like Radar, auto-leveling, new cockpit and hud, and so much more - you can read all about it here.


Also, all of our ships now sport Ugly Sweaters for the holiday season, go to the forums and vote for the ugliest sweater, in addition, we have angry snowmen megas, ornamental prox mines, snow filled energy zones - well it is a veritable plethora of holiday spirit - but don't forget to shoot first and ask questions later.


Also, we need your help, some of the feedback we have been getting was about shield orb farming, and how after a kill the victor would run around filling up their shield indicator and forcing the new players to have a major task of killing them (because they would have all the goodies) so, as a test we removed the shield orb power ups in ONE map, Valor, and we want you to test it out and tell us what you think.


Currently our office is focused on Single-Player and the story, there will be a lot more of that coming up in the near future as we set the tone for the Universe - should be fun, more bots to fight, some evil corporations, and what? There are actually groups who think that people should be IN the cockpit, you don't say....!!!!!


A reminder that we will be closed the week after Christmas - but will still be in the game playing - so come join us and let's have some fun, shooting those hideous sweater clad ships.


We will also be launching on GOG this month and will be at 50% off on Steam and our website - a good time to pick up a copy and get your friends into the game - (yes yes, that is my marketing moment).


If you missed this week's Wingman's Hangar here it is in all of it's ....uh.....well....glory.



Also, every Friday after the show we play with everyone else and get your feedback - check out this week's Dev play here:



Thanks everyone for joining us on this adventure, help us spread the word, and 2017 will be a great year for our Universe.
All the best,



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