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October update - BAMM the torpedoes full speed ahead!

Posted by Wingman , 24 October 2016 · 4,249 views

October update - BAMM the torpedoes full speed ahead!

Hello Descenters,


I wanted to let you guys know where we are on development. Currently we just released a build with a new map made by Jobode - called BAMM.


Lots of comments have called it the best map yet, have you been in the mines to try it out? If not, get in there and get to fighting!


And if you missed last week's Wingman's Hangar (Fridays at 11am)- here it is in all of its glory:



We are hard at work on the single-player campaign right now, Rob has gotten the training mission into a good place, and that is going to be entering the Proving Grounds for all of you Undergrounders to play with and help us get it just right.


Also, we are working on the bots, story, setting, and how we deliver the mission briefings to you guys and still maintain our Triple-III status!!! Yep, Triple-III - or High-End Independent, and proud of it. Independents rule!


Pixley has the radar working, and we are adjusting the HUD to fit the new pieces. Information is better displayed and the usability experience is much smoother.


So, enjoy BAMM, and the Halloween goodies that are in there now, next up will be the radar and new and improved HUD....


Onwards and upwards Descenters! Be sure to like our Facebook and Twitter to hear the best stuff first!


All the best,




P.S. - Did you see who was playing Survival mode recently?



Yep our pal Jovenshire and the rest of the Smosh crew...Woo-hoo!

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Thank ya Wingman!  

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WOW! Smosh Crew video has already over 22.000 views ;) brilliant!

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Who are you that devs so good!?!


Nice work Eric, my congratulations to you and the rest of the dev team. :)

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Hopefully they can get back in with all the bug fixes in the Spectral update and Halloween fun. Enjoyed the throwback with the old Descent soundtrack running in the background as well

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