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State of the Union - Descent: Underground

Posted by Wingman , 26 September 2016 · 3,153 views

State of the Union - Descent: Underground

Hello Descenters!


Lots of stuff to talk about - figured it was time for a little State of the Union update. Currently we are upgrading to version 4.13 in the Unreal engine, this will allow us to play videos in the game, so perhaps an intro is coming for the game, as well as some fun screens in the game where we could have a little fun with some fictional adverts, or state of the universe bits. It is all about the immersion from this point on.

It's already working on Mac and Windows but the Linux version is being stubborn with a conflict in the XMPP character section. Stormwind is working on it though, so it should be soon.


Tyler is busy breaking up the hud, adding some radar functionality, and getting ready to match our upgraded cockpit. This will look much more 3D, and feel much more like a true cockpit, and breaking up the hud will give us the ability to possibly add customization to them at a later date.


Rob has the training mission in testing. Once we get to 4.13 and have the instructions hooked up we will move that to the Proving grounds for the Undergrounders' input.


We really appreciate all that are in the Underground as you guys are our testers and are helping us define what Descent is for a new generation, and for that we thank you!


We also just finalized our story for Chapter 1 of the single-player campaign - Kudos to Keith for writing such a nice storyline, and for putting in some - well - uh....hidden stuff. This is going in ASAP (after 4.13)... But it will be going through the Proving grounds for testing- mission by mission, until we are finished with Chapter 1. Once it's been tested by members of The Underground, we will release it to Production- which will signal our leaving Early Access - should not be that long.


Our art team has been busy finishing a new map called "BAMM" for everyone to play. They've also been making a new cockpit, building some new bots, and making larger map room pieces for you guys to build bigger maps. Here is a sneak peak at some of the movement from the Hunter bots.



Imagine those things on walls in any room you enter - you have no idea where they might be attached. Posted Image
Also, look for Mining to be making an appearance sooner than later with the Corporate war game type coming online, most current maps will undergo an upgrade and some changes to allow for this - should be fun, and it will make that Goliath and it's hauling and brick laying even more powerful.


Tech trees and specials for ships will be going through an improvement pass as well, so look for that Wasp turret to deploy and the Warlock to become much better at stealing stuff.


Also, we have some co-marketing coming up with some hardware folks. We can't announce what yet, but is something to keep an eye out for.


So, lots happening here, while we get 4.13 done - and lots more coming your way, keep spreading the word. If you're not already, please share our Facebook and Twitter posts and invite your friends to like Descent: Underground!


Eric "Wingman" Peterson
Director of Fun

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Awesome update!

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Can't wait to update and test it out! Sounds exciting! 

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Thank you for your continued commitment to the linux build :D

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