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Weekly update 9.3.16

Posted by Wingman , 03 September 2016 · 1,224 views

Weekly update 9.3.16

Lots of fun stuff happening here at Descendent Studios - we are still in test with our next version and waiting to release it to full Production as soon as the new control customization UI is finished and tested.


Yep, you guys asked for it, and we are doing it- or rather Pixley is. He has been working on it for about 2 weeks and it is looking sweet. Much easier to navigate, we think you will like it.


Also, Rob has been very busy working on the training mission. We should have that testing in the Proving Grounds very soon as well.


What is the Proving grounds, or the Underground?


The Underground is a group of folks that want to help development out by testing all the newest stuff and helping us balance it before it gets out to the live product.


Also, single-player balance testing will ONLY be in the Proving Grounds until we leave Early Access... So, if you are a single-player person, you will want to be in The Underground in order to get in on the earliest stuff!


While this update feels a bit light, because so much is in test, don't worry, releases come in bursts, and we are shaking up that bottle and getting ready to drop in some mentos into your Diet Coke... and watch what happens.


In the meantime - check out this week's Studio Snapshot:



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