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Update with a little Roadmap

Posted by Wingman , 25 June 2016 · 2,555 views

Update with a little Roadmap

Hello Descenters!


Are you ready for some Co-op?


Yep, that is right, we are about to release our first version of Co-op along with our last two of the 9 ships, the Warlock (theif) and Goliath (Hauler).
There is so much going on - and truthfully we hoped to have this out sooner, but when we upgraded to the new version of Unreal Engine 4, it broke our game into pieces, and Tyler and Jason have been slammed putting Humpty back together again!


Better to show you though, here is our very own Pixley struggling with the bug, during an all nighter.



And if you missed this week's Wingman's hangar - how DARE YOU!



And here is what some of the rest of the team was doing while the programmers were working on the big bad bug.



A lot of people have asked for a release schedule or road map, and while as a small team it is hard to commit to actual dates, you can see what we have planned over the next couple of months.


Assuming the bug is squashed - next week.

  • We have Co-op ready to be released in the next few days
  • We have the last of the launch ships read in the Warlock (thief) and Goliath (Hauler) ready to be released with Co-op
Next sprint:
  • Survivor map with new bots will be released to coincide with being the featured HTC Vive game passed out to major influencers like PewDiePie and Angry Joe etc
  • Our first cockpit in the game – you can toggle it on or off.
  • EU Servers come on line as an option
  • Persistent lobby working
  • Offline vs. Bots and Survivor available
  • Map updates for Hauling and mining – new Arena maps for play.
  • Cockpit - so important we said it twice.
Next sprint: QOL Pass (Quality of life) – These are just some of the things we are working on improving.
  • Game, general - Improve “bullet hell” gameplay. More dodging, weapons "fill space".
    • Weapons - Rebalance
    • Weapons – Vulcan: Improve
  • UI - Control Configuration: Improve
  • Game modes - Game types need to have single victory based upon what it is named, and not points. Capture the core needs to be about the core being captured. Anarchy about kills.
  • Ships - IFF indicator & Sound/Notification for shooting friendlies
  • Game, general - Framerate limiter when in a menu
  • Loading Screens - a splash screen up while the main menu (and maps) is loading. It can take a long time with just a black screen
  • Launcher - Launcher needs to look more like our website in style and have a voice or music playing
  • UI - Menus: Improve consistency - example: back button changes location and label on different screens, making harder to use.
  • UI - Make overall UI design pattern and guide, apply everywhere.
  • Additional maps for all modes.
  • Achievements updated


So much more – these are just the highlights.


And as we are doing all of this, we are also working on the Single Player campaign - most of the systems are in place now which will allow us to focus most of our attention there.


Also, we have a Demo planned to help bring more attention to the game after we have our QOL pass done - we have purposely been somewhat low key until we feel it is more balanced and fun, and you guys have been and still are instrumental in making that happen, we thank you!


So, apologies for the length of time between the last update - but that is development at times.


See you all, Underground!



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