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Descent Underground - Production update

Posted by Wingman , 17 June 2016 · 3,301 views

Descent Underground - Production update

Hello Descenters!


There is a lot to talk about with Descent Underground. We have been very busy working on the Single player portion of the game, and getting some cool new fun stuff for you guys to play with and enjoy.



Here is sort of a mini-roadmap for what to look for in the next couple of months:
  • Warlock and Goliath in the game for everyone to fly.
  • Co-op released - so you can play Vs. Bots with your friends.
  • Survival mode - neverending swarms of bots.
  • EU servers - choose which region you want to play the game - for better pings.
  • Offline play for single player Vs. Bots and Survival.
  • VR improvements - Gaze Input working correctly.
  • Quality-of-life and polish pass for the game.
  • Medals and achievements galore.
  • Different bots to fight.
  • Drastically better AI.
  • In game voice comms in addition to text chat.
  • Cockpits
  • Persistent lobbies - stay with the same group of players if you want to!
And so much more!


That being said, this week has STUNK - as we upgraded to UE4 build 4.12.2 and it broke the game. We have been working our arses off trying to run down the bugs, first the ships would not fire, and missiles crashed the game. Now, missiles are not crashing the game but they are hanging in the air, and we still can't fire lasers. This is infuriating because it all works in the editor but not in the build. We will figure it out, but I know Tyler and Jason and John T, have been pulling out their hair with me in the background going "Are we there yet?" ...."Are we there yet?"


Our programmers are heroes!
Here are some of the things we are working on in this week's Studio Snapshot.



Hopefully we can squash that major bug and get Co-op out next week, that is our goal - then survival sometime in July - for a big promotion with HTC Vive and major Youtubers - got to get that flight working though first!
If you missed this week's Wingman's hangar we did it a bit differently as Mike "Viewmaster" Morlan is out shooting a movie, but we combined the elements of live-streaming and edited, for the best of both worlds, or the worst, you decide!

This is a big weekend for us fathers out there, as Father's day is Sunday - give your dad a call and a great big hug from us, heck, I will bet he would like a copy of Descent: Underground too?


If not, well... get it anyway.
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Thanks and have a great weekend.


Eric "Wingman" Peterson


PS - why weren't we at E3? Because you guys weren't there - we focus on shows with passionate fans and not just publishers and brick and mortar locations. We are doing this with you - thank you for being a part of it and helping us out!

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