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SXSW, sWooZ1e plays and more!

Posted by Wingman , 23 March 2016 · 2,154 views

SXSW, sWooZ1e plays and more!

Hello Descenters!
We had an AMAZING SXSW this year, if you recall last year we were in the middle of our crowdfunding and I hosted a panel on, well, crowdfunding.
This year was quite a bit different. We had a booth on the show floor, and not only were we showing our game but we were showing off VR featuring the HTC VIVE.


One of the best parts of doing these shows, is getting to see people's reaction to how the game plays, looks and feels, and this year there was an internet celebrity in our booth, the one and only sWooZ1e was there to check it out, and we had some fun with him playing the game - enough talk about it, here it is in video!



He played a couple of rounds, and had a blast- he kept us laughing our butts off the whole time! Give him a follow on Twitter, or subscribe on his YouTube channel, you will love watching his vids.
We also cut together a video of other people enjoying the game, including a new streamer JoeNeverFails, check out his Twitter here, and his Twitch channel here.



And while you are following all those cool people, make sure you subscribe to our Twitter page, our Twitch channel and our YouTube channel for all the latest news about Descent.
Now it is back to work as we continue to get the main weapons in the game and continue to work on the upcoming singleplayer game (this will be released when we leave Early Access).
In addition we are about to open up Proving Grounds again for a test of Skylab, and a few new graybox maps, as well as the Smart Missile, the Death Blossom Typhoon attack (sorry Rob), and Invulnerability powerup in and working. Need some opinions from you guys before it goes to the Early Access folks.
Also, we have looked at 3 new office locations, and, well, they sucked, so we will continue to keep looking.
Thanks and see you all - UNDERGROUND!



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I like how, for once I can see something like this and not have to get jealous that they're playing the game before me.  Cool stuff guys, keep it up! :D

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