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Going Indie!

Posted by Wingman , 17 June 2015 · 8,074 views

Going Indie! Hello Descendents,
While we continue to push forward on our vertical slice, I thought it might be fun to take a step back and talk about why we decided to go the Indie route.

Most of us at DS have been making games for many years, and we have worked under the typical publisher/developer deal, sometimes called an AAR or Advance against royalty contract.

This is where a publisher will take the risk, to give a developer the money to develop the game, and then share the revenue with the developer if the game is successful. Well, that is the part that sort of falls apart for us developers, many times we have made games that are well received and make the publisher money, but somehow that fails to trickle down to us developers.

Now, there is nothing wrong with publishing, that is a necessary element in our industry, without them we would not be getting cool new humongous games like Fallout 4, or Call of Duty, or Assassin's creed, or even Halo - these are all games that cost 100s of millions of dollars to make and are generally a great experience.

However, what has happened in the last few years with the progress of Kickstarter and Indiegogo, is a shift, a chance for developers that are also business minded people to be able to go direct to the players and have them join us as we make the game, to allow an earlier access or a peek behind the curtain, so often publishers would hold things back we wanted to show for fear that customers would not understand it was a work in progress.

We have found that to be laughable, and that most people are totally capable of understanding and in fact want to know how things are made, what goes into those decisions in design, and how will that have an effect on the final game.

It is fun to work in an independent environment, fun to have a small team and do something that no one else is doing, that may be a bit risky, but why not, that is what this is all about. Also, we know that GAMERS are going to be making the final decision on what goes in the game and what doesn't make it, so many times that decision has been by a marketing department, which in our opinion is depriving the game of being all it could be, thankfully that is not the case with an Indie project.

It is that spirit in which we decided to make Descent: Underground, to bring back this franchise from it's slumber, and to bring it forward with top notch game play. But we could not do it without the community, the people that loved the original, the ones that have carried the torch for years, they inspire us, and drive us to doing it right, and together we get to introduce an entirely new generation of gamers to how cool six degrees of freedom really is....

And with that we decided to do a Kickstarter - and give it a go, and thanks to all of you we are doing it.
With that spirit in mind, we have been asked to be part of documentary on the making of games, and of course we said yes. They are now running a Kickstarter to make their dreams happen, and if you feel that it would be worth it to see even more about game development and to follow along with other studios, we recommend backing the project.

Here is a link to the Documentary project featuring us as well as Crowfall and a couple of others.

If you decide to back, drop a comment and let them know you are from the DU community!

We now have a voice in how games are made, let's use it.

Eric "Wingman" Peterson

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I have just backed after reading this, the point is we are now quite a large community and if we all back this project it stands a chance, just a small amount multiplied will really help them. 


WM has made all the relevant points, however, I am sure it will be entertaining but will also encourage others to try indie projects, that can only be good for the industry. Hopefully it will give some young dudes an insight into an industry that they could get involved in. D:U has already brought on board some youngsters who now have a foot in the door and the opportunity to work with very experienced people. 


The word is WM may back them as an exec producer, its only 5K : )

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excellent writeup. and main reason i'm really following bunch of different studios close by is to learn as much as i can on EVERY aspect of game development.That is afterall goal to get into at some point. changing careers isnt easy. :)

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God bless the internet, eh Wingman? I can't help but think of publishers as a middle man who's necessity is slowly fading. Though it will probably never be completely gone, alternatives are always a plus.

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