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Going strong

Posted by Wingman , 10 June 2015 · 3,555 views

Going strong Hello Descenters!

I figured it was time for an update on where we are as a Studio.

Currently we have 11 people working in our office on Brazos street - we also have 6 or so more working remotely, making us a robust team of 17. We are still seeking a few new folks though, we are looking for a Jr. Tech Designer with Unreal experience, if you are that guy or gal, PM me on this forum and we can set up an interview.

We continue to work on the vertical slice, or our internal first playable. We are going to be organizing focus groups of people to come by and give it a whirl as well as hooking up with Twitch streamers and YouTubers to help us spread the word, we are really close to unlocking the Shaman, but we have a lot of work to do to get all the stuff we want in, so more folks signing up will help us get there.

Here is a look at one of the possible rooms in our first mining map.

Posted Image
This is very early concept but you can see the detail level our guys are putting in, we are hard at work on making pieces for the walls, and more than that, we want to have quite a few hidden things in each map, from rooms, or scenes or things that players might find useful or interesting. We want to give those explorers something to find, and talk about too, and then we want to shoot them.

Not really, well, sorta really!

Also, today we had another live streamed Underground meeting, where we let the people in the Underground participate and watch a live design meeting, Here is a very small look at the one hour long meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Underground, there is still time, all the meetings are archived in the private forums immediately after the meeting ends, so that you never miss a thing. This is an inside look at how development works for those that want to be in the know the fastest.

Just hit up the store and join up for the inside stuff.

Thanks for your continued support and help us keep spreading the word!

See you underground!


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Pretty cool.
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