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Descent early November update!

Posted by Wingman , 09 November 2018 · 2,852 views

Descent early November update!

Hello fellow Descenters!


We wanted to start letting you folks in on some of the fun and cool stuff that is in the game, which you will be enjoying very soon! So, without further ado, here is an update for this week from Descendent Studios.


We are testing all of the single-player missions. We have many things to test and our QA team is running through each one. The team is fixing bugs to make sure things like objectives are triggered in the right order, cutscenes play correctly, and using the proper voices and sounds for each and every mission.


You know, speaking of audio, I wanted to let you all know that we have nearly 3 hours of music, from some of the best Indie artists in electronic music production. here is a preview of the 3-hour, bass-heavy artist music soundtrack to DESCENT (2019) featuring Mantis, Drrtywulvs, Scorch, E1000, Know Matter, Realtime, Space Jail, Cosmic Shmosmic, Krampus, Dead PA, and more!


Check out our SNEAK PEEK here!


We are also busy sprucing up the visuals and special effects in our many exciting missions! Some of those adventures require unique elements- like a massive rocket engine firing off:



When we started this adventure, our team of 10 folks had HUGE aspirations for rebooting the Descent franchise! We wanted to do a PROPER reboot, not just a remaster, or even a continuation of the old game play. We wanted to do something that built upon the foundations set back then, and added new elements and challenges that take advantage of some of the new gameplay developed since the 90s. That is not an easy task for any team- a tough balance to strike to be sure.


We think with Little Orbit's assistance we have been able to get there.


Ten people is not a large development team - tiny, even. That is why the game has taken quite a bit longer than anticipated, but as we near the end, we are very happy with where we are, and would not have been able to get there without you guys, and your patience. This game is ultimately a labor of love for the team and for the people that backed us on Kickstarter and throughout Early Access on Steam and GOG. We will be coming back to both very soon under LIttle Orbit's banner, and as simply "Descent".


This is/has been an epic adventure, and we have so much more to show over the coming weeks as we get closer to full launch on the PC, Mac, Linux, XB1, PS4 and Switch - WOW, that was not in the plans during our Kickstarter, I can tell you! Posted Image


So, we have the chance to show an entirely new gaming generation what 6DoF gaming is all about - I can't wait, and your wait is almost over.


Thanks for joining us on this journey - See you all in the mines.


- The Team


Descent: Underground - Winter update

Posted by Wingman , 10 December 2016 · 2,141 views

Descent: Underground - Winter update

Hello Descenters!


We just released a major update to Descent: Underground, with lots of goodies for you to enjoy. Things like Radar, auto-leveling, new cockpit and hud, and so much more - you can read all about it here.


Also, all of our ships now sport Ugly Sweaters for the holiday season, go to the forums and vote for the ugliest sweater, in addition, we have angry snowmen megas, ornamental prox mines, snow filled energy zones - well it is a veritable plethora of holiday spirit - but don't forget to shoot first and ask questions later.


Also, we need your help, some of the feedback we have been getting was about shield orb farming, and how after a kill the victor would run around filling up their shield indicator and forcing the new players to have a major task of killing them (because they would have all the goodies) so, as a test we removed the shield orb power ups in ONE map, Valor, and we want you to test it out and tell us what you think.


Currently our office is focused on Single-Player and the story, there will be a lot more of that coming up in the near future as we set the tone for the Universe - should be fun, more bots to fight, some evil corporations, and what? There are actually groups who think that people should be IN the cockpit, you don't say....!!!!!


A reminder that we will be closed the week after Christmas - but will still be in the game playing - so come join us and let's have some fun, shooting those hideous sweater clad ships.


We will also be launching on GOG this month and will be at 50% off on Steam and our website - a good time to pick up a copy and get your friends into the game - (yes yes, that is my marketing moment).


If you missed this week's Wingman's Hangar here it is in all of it's ....uh.....well....glory.



Also, every Friday after the show we play with everyone else and get your feedback - check out this week's Dev play here:



Thanks everyone for joining us on this adventure, help us spread the word, and 2017 will be a great year for our Universe.
All the best,




October update - BAMM the torpedoes full speed ahead!

Posted by Wingman , 24 October 2016 · 4,475 views

October update - BAMM the torpedoes full speed ahead!

Hello Descenters,


I wanted to let you guys know where we are on development. Currently we just released a build with a new map made by Jobode - called BAMM.


Lots of comments have called it the best map yet, have you been in the mines to try it out? If not, get in there and get to fighting!


And if you missed last week's Wingman's Hangar (Fridays at 11am)- here it is in all of its glory:



We are hard at work on the single-player campaign right now, Rob has gotten the training mission into a good place, and that is going to be entering the Proving Grounds for all of you Undergrounders to play with and help us get it just right.


Also, we are working on the bots, story, setting, and how we deliver the mission briefings to you guys and still maintain our Triple-III status!!! Yep, Triple-III - or High-End Independent, and proud of it. Independents rule!


Pixley has the radar working, and we are adjusting the HUD to fit the new pieces. Information is better displayed and the usability experience is much smoother.


So, enjoy BAMM, and the Halloween goodies that are in there now, next up will be the radar and new and improved HUD....


Onwards and upwards Descenters! Be sure to like our Facebook and Twitter to hear the best stuff first!


All the best,




P.S. - Did you see who was playing Survival mode recently?



Yep our pal Jovenshire and the rest of the Smosh crew...Woo-hoo!


State of the Union - Descent: Underground

Posted by Wingman , 26 September 2016 · 3,480 views

State of the Union - Descent: Underground

Hello Descenters!


Lots of stuff to talk about - figured it was time for a little State of the Union update. Currently we are upgrading to version 4.13 in the Unreal engine, this will allow us to play videos in the game, so perhaps an intro is coming for the game, as well as some fun screens in the game where we could have a little fun with some fictional adverts, or state of the universe bits. It is all about the immersion from this point on.

It's already working on Mac and Windows but the Linux version is being stubborn with a conflict in the XMPP character section. Stormwind is working on it though, so it should be soon.


Tyler is busy breaking up the hud, adding some radar functionality, and getting ready to match our upgraded cockpit. This will look much more 3D, and feel much more like a true cockpit, and breaking up the hud will give us the ability to possibly add customization to them at a later date.


Rob has the training mission in testing. Once we get to 4.13 and have the instructions hooked up we will move that to the Proving grounds for the Undergrounders' input.


We really appreciate all that are in the Underground as you guys are our testers and are helping us define what Descent is for a new generation, and for that we thank you!


We also just finalized our story for Chapter 1 of the single-player campaign - Kudos to Keith for writing such a nice storyline, and for putting in some - well - uh....hidden stuff. This is going in ASAP (after 4.13)... But it will be going through the Proving grounds for testing- mission by mission, until we are finished with Chapter 1. Once it's been tested by members of The Underground, we will release it to Production- which will signal our leaving Early Access - should not be that long.


Our art team has been busy finishing a new map called "BAMM" for everyone to play. They've also been making a new cockpit, building some new bots, and making larger map room pieces for you guys to build bigger maps. Here is a sneak peak at some of the movement from the Hunter bots.



Imagine those things on walls in any room you enter - you have no idea where they might be attached. Posted Image
Also, look for Mining to be making an appearance sooner than later with the Corporate war game type coming online, most current maps will undergo an upgrade and some changes to allow for this - should be fun, and it will make that Goliath and it's hauling and brick laying even more powerful.


Tech trees and specials for ships will be going through an improvement pass as well, so look for that Wasp turret to deploy and the Warlock to become much better at stealing stuff.


Also, we have some co-marketing coming up with some hardware folks. We can't announce what yet, but is something to keep an eye out for.


So, lots happening here, while we get 4.13 done - and lots more coming your way, keep spreading the word. If you're not already, please share our Facebook and Twitter posts and invite your friends to like Descent: Underground!


Eric "Wingman" Peterson
Director of Fun


Weekly update 9.3.16

Posted by Wingman , 03 September 2016 · 1,334 views

Weekly update 9.3.16

Lots of fun stuff happening here at Descendent Studios - we are still in test with our next version and waiting to release it to full Production as soon as the new control customization UI is finished and tested.


Yep, you guys asked for it, and we are doing it- or rather Pixley is. He has been working on it for about 2 weeks and it is looking sweet. Much easier to navigate, we think you will like it.


Also, Rob has been very busy working on the training mission. We should have that testing in the Proving Grounds very soon as well.


What is the Proving grounds, or the Underground?


The Underground is a group of folks that want to help development out by testing all the newest stuff and helping us balance it before it gets out to the live product.


Also, single-player balance testing will ONLY be in the Proving Grounds until we leave Early Access... So, if you are a single-player person, you will want to be in The Underground in order to get in on the earliest stuff!


While this update feels a bit light, because so much is in test, don't worry, releases come in bursts, and we are shaking up that bottle and getting ready to drop in some mentos into your Diet Coke... and watch what happens.


In the meantime - check out this week's Studio Snapshot:



Please be sure to like our Facebook page (and invite your friends!) and our Twitter. This is the best way to get news about Descent: Underground FIRST!


Thanks for your support!




Weekly Update

Posted by Wingman , 29 August 2016 · 3,230 views

Weekly Update

Hello Descenters!


We are bringing back the week in review blog, but calling it Weekly Update - because that is way more compelling, right, RIGHT?


Lots of fun stuff happening here at Descendent Studios - we just released a new version to the Proving Grounds, there are things in there to test that will scramble your mind!


Here are just a few of them:
  • Linux joystick support
  • Multiple joystick support
  • New game mode - Conquest
  • New "The Shaft" map by Jittress - everyone loves Jittress' new Shaft.
  • All 3 color enhancing features for KBs, mice, headsets, you name it...
    • Razer Chroma support
    • AlienWare AlienFX support
    • Logitch G
  • Rear View
  • IFF
  • "Bullet Hell" weapons balance
Just so much stuff in the Proving grounds for Underground members to test and give their feedback.


The Underground is a group of folks that want to help development out by testing all the newest stuff and helping us balance it before it gets out to the live product.


Also, single-player balance testing will ONLY be in the Proving Grounds until we leave Early Access... So, if you are a single-player person, you will want to be in The Underground in order to get in on the earliest stuff!


So, lots of stuff happening here in the Studio - which is spread out from Texas to Germany to Finland - some passionate folks working hard to make the game we all love the best it can be - I am proud to be working with them and you helping to bring Descent back from its 17 year hiatus.


This new generation of gamers has no idea what they have missed for all those year - but they will, they will.


Please be sure to like our Facebook page (and invite your friends!) and our Twitter. This is the best way to get news about Descent: Underground FIRST!


Enough talk, here is this week's Studio Snapshot:


See you in the mines!




Update with a little Roadmap

Posted by Wingman , 25 June 2016 · 2,557 views

Update with a little Roadmap

Hello Descenters!


Are you ready for some Co-op?


Yep, that is right, we are about to release our first version of Co-op along with our last two of the 9 ships, the Warlock (theif) and Goliath (Hauler).
There is so much going on - and truthfully we hoped to have this out sooner, but when we upgraded to the new version of Unreal Engine 4, it broke our game into pieces, and Tyler and Jason have been slammed putting Humpty back together again!


Better to show you though, here is our very own Pixley struggling with the bug, during an all nighter.



And if you missed this week's Wingman's hangar - how DARE YOU!



And here is what some of the rest of the team was doing while the programmers were working on the big bad bug.



A lot of people have asked for a release schedule or road map, and while as a small team it is hard to commit to actual dates, you can see what we have planned over the next couple of months.


Assuming the bug is squashed - next week.

  • We have Co-op ready to be released in the next few days
  • We have the last of the launch ships read in the Warlock (thief) and Goliath (Hauler) ready to be released with Co-op
Next sprint:
  • Survivor map with new bots will be released to coincide with being the featured HTC Vive game passed out to major influencers like PewDiePie and Angry Joe etc
  • Our first cockpit in the game – you can toggle it on or off.
  • EU Servers come on line as an option
  • Persistent lobby working
  • Offline vs. Bots and Survivor available
  • Map updates for Hauling and mining – new Arena maps for play.
  • Cockpit - so important we said it twice.
Next sprint: QOL Pass (Quality of life) – These are just some of the things we are working on improving.
  • Game, general - Improve “bullet hell” gameplay. More dodging, weapons "fill space".
    • Weapons - Rebalance
    • Weapons – Vulcan: Improve
  • UI - Control Configuration: Improve
  • Game modes - Game types need to have single victory based upon what it is named, and not points. Capture the core needs to be about the core being captured. Anarchy about kills.
  • Ships - IFF indicator & Sound/Notification for shooting friendlies
  • Game, general - Framerate limiter when in a menu
  • Loading Screens - a splash screen up while the main menu (and maps) is loading. It can take a long time with just a black screen
  • Launcher - Launcher needs to look more like our website in style and have a voice or music playing
  • UI - Menus: Improve consistency - example: back button changes location and label on different screens, making harder to use.
  • UI - Make overall UI design pattern and guide, apply everywhere.
  • Additional maps for all modes.
  • Achievements updated


So much more – these are just the highlights.


And as we are doing all of this, we are also working on the Single Player campaign - most of the systems are in place now which will allow us to focus most of our attention there.


Also, we have a Demo planned to help bring more attention to the game after we have our QOL pass done - we have purposely been somewhat low key until we feel it is more balanced and fun, and you guys have been and still are instrumental in making that happen, we thank you!


So, apologies for the length of time between the last update - but that is development at times.


See you all, Underground!




Descent Underground - Production update

Posted by Wingman , 17 June 2016 · 3,304 views

Descent Underground - Production update

Hello Descenters!


There is a lot to talk about with Descent Underground. We have been very busy working on the Single player portion of the game, and getting some cool new fun stuff for you guys to play with and enjoy.



Here is sort of a mini-roadmap for what to look for in the next couple of months:
  • Warlock and Goliath in the game for everyone to fly.
  • Co-op released - so you can play Vs. Bots with your friends.
  • Survival mode - neverending swarms of bots.
  • EU servers - choose which region you want to play the game - for better pings.
  • Offline play for single player Vs. Bots and Survival.
  • VR improvements - Gaze Input working correctly.
  • Quality-of-life and polish pass for the game.
  • Medals and achievements galore.
  • Different bots to fight.
  • Drastically better AI.
  • In game voice comms in addition to text chat.
  • Cockpits
  • Persistent lobbies - stay with the same group of players if you want to!
And so much more!


That being said, this week has STUNK - as we upgraded to UE4 build 4.12.2 and it broke the game. We have been working our arses off trying to run down the bugs, first the ships would not fire, and missiles crashed the game. Now, missiles are not crashing the game but they are hanging in the air, and we still can't fire lasers. This is infuriating because it all works in the editor but not in the build. We will figure it out, but I know Tyler and Jason and John T, have been pulling out their hair with me in the background going "Are we there yet?" ...."Are we there yet?"


Our programmers are heroes!
Here are some of the things we are working on in this week's Studio Snapshot.



Hopefully we can squash that major bug and get Co-op out next week, that is our goal - then survival sometime in July - for a big promotion with HTC Vive and major Youtubers - got to get that flight working though first!
If you missed this week's Wingman's hangar we did it a bit differently as Mike "Viewmaster" Morlan is out shooting a movie, but we combined the elements of live-streaming and edited, for the best of both worlds, or the worst, you decide!

This is a big weekend for us fathers out there, as Father's day is Sunday - give your dad a call and a great big hug from us, heck, I will bet he would like a copy of Descent: Underground too?


If not, well... get it anyway.
Posted Image
Thanks and have a great weekend.


Eric "Wingman" Peterson


PS - why weren't we at E3? Because you guys weren't there - we focus on shows with passionate fans and not just publishers and brick and mortar locations. We are doing this with you - thank you for being a part of it and helping us out!


SXSW, sWooZ1e plays and more!

Posted by Wingman , 23 March 2016 · 2,309 views

SXSW, sWooZ1e plays and more!

Hello Descenters!
We had an AMAZING SXSW this year, if you recall last year we were in the middle of our crowdfunding and I hosted a panel on, well, crowdfunding.
This year was quite a bit different. We had a booth on the show floor, and not only were we showing our game but we were showing off VR featuring the HTC VIVE.


One of the best parts of doing these shows, is getting to see people's reaction to how the game plays, looks and feels, and this year there was an internet celebrity in our booth, the one and only sWooZ1e was there to check it out, and we had some fun with him playing the game - enough talk about it, here it is in video!



He played a couple of rounds, and had a blast- he kept us laughing our butts off the whole time! Give him a follow on Twitter, or subscribe on his YouTube channel, you will love watching his vids.
We also cut together a video of other people enjoying the game, including a new streamer JoeNeverFails, check out his Twitter here, and his Twitch channel here.



And while you are following all those cool people, make sure you subscribe to our Twitter page, our Twitch channel and our YouTube channel for all the latest news about Descent.
Now it is back to work as we continue to get the main weapons in the game and continue to work on the upcoming singleplayer game (this will be released when we leave Early Access).
In addition we are about to open up Proving Grounds again for a test of Skylab, and a few new graybox maps, as well as the Smart Missile, the Death Blossom Typhoon attack (sorry Rob), and Invulnerability powerup in and working. Need some opinions from you guys before it goes to the Early Access folks.
Also, we have looked at 3 new office locations, and, well, they sucked, so we will continue to keep looking.
Thanks and see you all - UNDERGROUND!




Descent:Underground - MARCHES to a fall release!

Posted by Wingman , 18 February 2016 · 2,327 views

Descent:Underground - MARCHES to a fall release!

Yep, that is right, we have had to adjust our release date to the fall. Once we decided to go to Early Access and allow user generated content in earlier it became clear that it would have an impact on our overall schedule but that the game itself would benefit greatly from it.

We have everything on our sprint roadmap and are making great progress for a small team. We have lots of releases per month, have some really cool content coming for folks to play. We have all 9 ships in the game, tech trees and roles are being worked on, single player bot AI is getting a big boost. The prologue single player campaign is underway and the special weapons and ship abilities are entering test and then Proving Grounds soon.

There is no denying we are pushing beyond our original date - when we set out on the Kickstarter we had no plans for Early Access or incorporating user-made maps this soon. But, it made sense for us to do those things and to divert some of our resources towards those endeavors - which causes our dates to slip a bit.

That is one of the benefits of not being with a large publisher - who can at times force you to cut important features. We have decided the game is the most important thing, and we want users playing it and giving feedback NOW so that we can make sure the balance and fun factor are being addressed all along and not just at the end.

So, yes, we are going to miss March - we have said so on WMH, and in several threads but never in an official blog post, and that is something we felt we should do.

Fortunately a new build is coming out next week, with a lot of new stuff - so the game will continue to grow while we make the necessary adjustments.

Thanks, and see you all underground.


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