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We Are Resuming Testing!

Posted by dunkelza , 03 October 2018 · 6,876 views

We Are Resuming Testing!

Greetings, Descenters!


Our year-long silence is over. As we promised last year, you will soon be getting your hands on the reimagined Descent!


Very soon, our friends at Little Orbit will announce a couple of releases- a PC Beta and a full Retail Release that includes console versions.




Anyone who got a copy of Descent: Underground during our Kickstarter or Early Access will have access to the PC Beta and receive the Retail Release. Because you believed in this project from the beginning, you will also be eligible for any PC pre-order rewards advertised by Little Orbit.



If you have not yet redeemed your Kickstarter rewards, it is very important that you do so in the next few weeks.

Here is the link to collect your rewards:


Your backer number is located in your Kickstarter account here:


If you click the blue + (plus-sign) button to the right of Descent: Underground, your backer number will appear at the bottom of the pop-up window. We ask for your backer number to help make sure no one else can claim your rewards.


We are also getting ready to finalize our list of names for the game credits, so we need you to update your profile on our site by the end of the month.

At the bottom of your profile screen is a “Name for Credits” field to help us know how you want to be identified in the credits:


We began this project in open development with you, the gamers. We intend to complete it in open development, too.


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Later this month, we will invite Alpha backers, then Beta backers, to a special Kickstarter testing window to help us further refine the game and make it shine. This will then lead into the PC Beta, which will be open to anyone who got the desktop version before the Retail Release.


These testing windows have important jobs to do. In each one, we will ask you to try out and give feedback on different aspects of the game, including the single-player campaign. Your feedback will inform our work to polish and refine the Descent experience ahead of our Retail Release.


We are conducting the October Kickstarter testing sessions here at DescendentStudios.com.


As we resume open development, you will also see more communications from us. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest Descent news!


Thank you for your support- we look forward to launching this new era of Descent with you all!


- The Team


Our Big Announcement!

Posted by dunkelza , 01 November 2017 · 55,222 views

Our Big Announcement!

Hey Descenters,


For awhile now, we’ve been hinting at some exciting news that we couldn’t yet share with you. Well, now we’re going to tell you about it!



Way back when we started this project, we had two big goals in mind:
  • Give Descent the full, modern, high-quality rebirth it deserves
  • Do it in the “Indie” spirit, with devs and fans working together to make the best game possible


We let number 2 get in the way of number 1.


As we told you over the summer and when we pulled back from Steam Early Access, we found ourselves spending way too much time supporting the game-in-progress as if it were a live product. This stretched out our timeline way beyond where we wanted it to be- and time equals money. Wingman and Stormwind started going without pay. The rest of us followed- but we kept working full-time on the project because of our commitment to bringing back Descent.


We crunched the numbers and realized that without a distribution partner, it would take us at least another two or three years to finish the game we described in the Kickstarter, with folks working for the most part for free.


We needed a partner.


Not just any partner, but someone with that Indie spirit. Someone who understands the importance of gamers and shares our vision for Descent’s renaissance...


Someone like Little Orbit.


You might have heard about Little Orbit a few months back when they stepped in as developers to finish Unsung Story. These guys are in the trenches as devs, they care about gamers, and they also have a publishing arm.


Little Orbit is providing resources to help us finish the game much faster. They’re making it possible to go beyond a single-player prologue to build our full storyline campaign! They’re porting the PC version to XBox One and Playstation 4 to bring Descent to a new generation. Plus, they’re making it possible for us to boost up the graphics and reach for that AAA experience we really want you to have!


Together we’ve developed a schedule that gets this game in your hands a heck of a lot sooner than if we’d tried to go it alone. When? That’s Little Orbit’s tale to tell, but keep your eyes peeled for an announcement at one of the big 2018 conventions.


We are still the lead developers on Descent: Underground, we’re still in the driver’s seat creatively, and if you’ve been following us on BrightLocker, you’ve seen that we’re still involving gamers like you in the game-making process. If you’ve already bought the game in early access or as a crowdfunding backer, you’ll still get it. The goal hasn’t changed, but now that goal is more clearly in sight.


Thank you for your patience and support on this journey. Together, you, we, and Little Orbit are reigniting the flame of Descent and we absolutely can’t wait to share the full game with you!


-The Team

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