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Designers vie for eyes at charity drone paint-off

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Designers vie for eyes at charity drone paint-off

Yù Fashion
Designers vie for eyes at charity drone paint-off
By Lucy Patten - Friday, June 30, 2316
AQUARIUS STATION - In the lead up to this year’s Zodiac Fashion Week on Aquarius Station, designers whet our appetites for new fashions with stylish new drone looks for the 2317 Sky Cup season. Originally a way for up-and-coming designers to draw attention to their fashion collections, this so-called “Drone Fashion Week” has become a regular charity event, attracting even top names to compete.


This year, designers were given a stock “Typhoon” drone similar to the one favored by Miranda “Merciless” Denaro of the Pyromancers. Event sponsor Aisha outfitted each of the twenty-eight teams with a complete studio for the four-day decorating phase.


Today, designers unveiled their creations to throngs of guests and Fashion’s most sought after critics. We spoke with two of them- Jared Li-Kepler and Natasha O’Donnell to get their top picks.


Yù: Let’s start with your favorite design from a relative unknown. Who should we be keeping an eye on as we head into Fashion Week?


Li-Kepler: I don’t know about you, Natasha, but I was really blown away by that green checkered skin from Jack Babangida. Choosing to pair it with a green team color might have been a bit over the top, but the overall design was daring and bold.
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O’Donnell: That was a nice piece, but not my favorite from a new designer. To me, Brittany Silva’s honeycomb pattern was perfectly sweet. We rarely see designers willing to embrace controversial subjects, and her attempt to call attention to the endangered honeybees felt daring and poignant to me.
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Yù: It’s always wonderful to see new artists competing in the big shows, maybe even knocking a few of the major players out of the running. Who do you think is ready to take a fall? Let’s hear about someone who you think should’ve stayed home.


O’Donnell: Kessel.


Li-Kepler: I agree. We've known for awhile that the Accardo brand has been in decline, slipping from haute couture to couture over the last few years. This season, though, it’s clear that Kessel’s acquisition of Accardo in 2313 was just a marketing move. They’ve clearly stunted this once-great design house’s creativity.


O’Donnell: Absolutely. I don’t know if this was an attempt to distract shareholders from Kessel’s troubling earnings reports or just a misguided attempt to make people think their drones are stylish. I mean, look at it. It’s the same Kessel colors, no interesting patterns or anything. A total waste of Accardo designers’ talents.
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Yù: Ouch. Somehow I don’t think they’ll be invited back next season. By the way, if you want more info on Kessel and their business, check out Yù Financial. Okay, the big moment… What was your favorite? If you had to pick best-in-show by yourself, who would it be?


Li-Kepler: I think I’d have to go with the “Dark Neon” design from Castellazzi. If I was taking my drone out for a night on the town, that’s exactly how I’d want it to look. Sleek, sexy black with sultry red geometric patterns. I want to marry that drone!
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O’Donnell: (Chuckles) I know how you feel! It’s a very pretty ship, but I think it would be more of a one-night stand for me. If I was going to settle down with one of these designs, it would have to be Nicollier’s “Thundernight”. I loved the stormy paint scheme and that blue! Wow!
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Yù: Those are both fantastic works of art. Thank you so much for joining us. I hope you will come back and give us your thoughts after the official winner is revealed.


(Update 21:17)


Yù: Welcome back! We’ve seen the official announcements and Prasada took the top prize with this tiger-striped beauty. Could you give us your reactions?
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Li-Kepler: Absolutely a stunning piece! I was initially put off by their choice to pair it with a purple team color, but…


O’Donnell: (interrupts) it was a perfect contrast. It made the carrot tones really pop!


Li-Kepler: Very true. When I’d seen “Bengalistic” before the show, they were using different room lighting. On the runway, oh my goodness! A very well-deserved win.


O’Donnell: Well-deserved indeed. I’ve even heard rumors that Prasada will be unveiling a matching swimwear collection on Tuesday!


Yù: Well, sign me up for that! Thank you so much for your insights. We look forward to having you back next week for the human fashions!

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