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Release Notes 0.0.995a

Posted by dunkelza , 15 October 2015 · 3,006 views

Release Notes 0.0.995a

We are opening up the "Alpha" test environment running Pre-Alpha build 995a.
This test is open to backers whose package rewards include Proving Grounds, Alpha, and BETA access and to members of The Underground.
If you need to get the installer, CLICK HERE for instructions.
This test is public and we are happy if people want to share on Twitch and YouTube. In the event that something is running poorly or breaks while you're streaming, please let your viewers know that this is an early Pre-Alpha that you are playtesting. It is NOT the final retail release.
If you do plan to stream, you may need to run your streaming software as an administrator.

Please note that the Proving Grounds environment is turned off for this test. We will bring it online again next time we need to test new features. Backers with access to the Proving Grounds environment also have access to the Alpha test environment.


General Information
Our game manual is a series of forum posts:
If you have any questions about downloading or playing the game, that's the best place to check for a quick answer.
We recommend voice chatting on the DS Official Unofficial Teamspeak server when playing or looking to set up a game.


Bug Reporting
Please report bugs in our bug reporting forum with as much specificity as possible. If you can provide screenshots, that's awesome!
We've also compiled a list of known issues so that you can skip those when reporting bugs.


Patch Notes

  • Mouse sensitivity has been reworked again (Player Feedback)
    • You may want to readjust your Sensitivity Factor in "Test Flight".
    • If you are having mouse issues, please make sure that your Mouse axes and sensitivities are NOT inverted and reversed at the same time.
  • Client-side Weapon Prediction is now active, you should see a lot fewer hanging lasers and missiles.
  • Hit indicator have been added to the HUD.
  • Damage taken indicator has been made more visible.
  • Sounds have been adjusted to focus on impacts to your ship.
  • Doors have been tweaked to open with more consistent speeds across door types.
  • More spawn points have been added to Apophis to help prevent spontaneous Wazerphoons.
  • Lava sounds have been added to Mobius.
  • The Mega Missile explosion is now more epic-looking.
  • Powerup pickup color flashes have been removed for adjustment.
  • Some missiles have been made larger so you can see them more easily.
  • Team killing now subtracts points from the killer, but not the team.
  • Keyboard respawn keys have been removed to prevent exploitation.
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes.
Known Issues
  • Controller customization issues are still being experienced by some users.
    • Control customization needs a "reset to defaults" button.
    • Mouse controls were imparting drift on high-DPI mice, we are testing to see if this is fixed.
  • Installer & Launcher need to be run as administrator on Windows.
    • Streaming software may need to run as administrator to capture video.
  • Mac & Linux installer is not always setting correct POSIX permissions on the descent executable, requiring a "chmod +x" shell operation to correct.
  • Uninstalling & reinstalling the launcher may not clear settings.
  • Up/Down Arrow keys are mapped to a volume control and need to be freed up for players to map.
  • Most menus do not work correctly in VR or on gamepad controllers.
  • Players who die right before the end of the match may not see the score screen and may return to the start screen instead.
  • Players who die while in the <ESC> menu may not be able to reopen that menu until the game is restarted.
    • Using "Free Flight" mode to tweak control settings can help to avoid this until it's fixed.
  • Occasionally, in-game scoreboard can get stuck behind the HUD.
  • Players can sometimes still control a ship in the background at the end of a match.
  • Clicking "Drone Bay" on the end of match Score screen can return the player to the level for a brief time.
  • Laser levels 1 & 4 have art, levels 2 & 3 do not have their own bolts yet.
  • Control customization screen can get stuck if player dies while changing settings.
  • Some sounds are audible everywhere and need attenuation.
  • Shield and hull hit sounds and visual effects are not clear enough in many cases.
  • Some placeholder sound effects were accidentally replaced with a different set of placeholder sounds.
  • Matchmaking sometimes puts players into matches that are about to end.
  • Matchmaking sometimes creates lopsided matches.
  • Teams can become unbalanced if a player drops and rejoins the game before their player state is purged.
  • Team scores are negatively impacted by player departure.
  • Selecting your ship on death in VR requires a bit of work due to the way 3D widgets work - look directly at the ship you intend to fly next and click with the mouse, without moving the mouse itself
  • VR can sometimes stay stuck "on" after match ends, even though player goes back to Drone Bay.
  • The axis configuration menu is somewhat clunky and uses too-technical language (power changes the curvature of the sensitivity curve, factor scales the sensitivity curve)
  • The mid-game and endgame scoreboards do not have separate sections for teams.
  • All servers are currently in the U.S., other locations are planned.
  • Sometimes missiles may register as fired with the server but not appear on client machines.
  • There may be a wait for matches at times. While our alpha player base is much larger than the proving grounds, player play times can vary. Matches won't begin until they have at least 2 players, and will not add players if there are 8 players.
  • In free flight mode, weapons do not continue to fire if the trigger is held down.
  • Trichording is not working for some reason... DRILLSEY!
  • Collisions are more sticky than they are supposed to be, sometimes causing ships to catch on smooth surfaces.
Thank you for all your help!
We'll see you in the mines!

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