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Movement, Mass, and Mice... in 3211!

Posted by dunkelza , 07 April 2017 · 2,467 views

Movement, Mass, and Mice... in 3211!

Hey Undergrounders & Alpha Backers!
We have a very, very important set of changes for you to test!
We are experimenting with new movement numbers to add a feeling of weight and smoother turning for mouse users.


In addition this should help with dogfighting, especially 1v1.

Please test this as soon as you can and tell us what you find in this Feedback Thread.
Thank you!
-The Team


Build 3211 is a hotfix for 3207 that made some fixes.
Build 3207 is a hotfix for 3198 that adjusted the movement again and made other changes.
Build 3198 is a hotfix for 3196 that adjusted the movement numbers back toward the original values.


Things to Test:

    • Rotational acceleration has been increased.
    • Translational acceleration has been decreased.
    • If you play with a mouse, we recommend making sure Mouse Inertia is enabled (Settings [Gear] > Controls > Advanced Options).
    • We have removed the flypaper from some of the mining rocks that was causing some bots to get stuck.
    • Bots now all self-destruct at the end of a stage.
    • Improvements to flow.
    • Fixes to certain objectives that could be prematurely completed and block further progress.
  • MULTIPLAYER MENU should now notice if there is no match of the selected type.
  • DOOR FRAMES - Square frames should now have collision again.

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