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Tougher Survival, Better Training, Pretties, and MORE in 3178!

Posted by dunkelza , 27 March 2017 · 2,076 views

Tougher Survival, Better Training, Pretties, and MORE in 3178!

Hey Undergrounders & Alpha Backers!
We have a brand new test for you!
We've reworked our training mission, added new difficulty to Survival mode, tweaked some stats, made some menus prettier, and generally done awesome stuff we need you to try out!
Note: 3178 is a hotfix for 3175.


Please test this as soon as you can and tell us what you find in this Feedback Thread.
Thank you!
-The Team


Things to Test:

    • Added more, tougher spawn waves for additional stages past 20.
    • Added a special version of the AI.
    • Gave Incendius his homing missiles back.
  • TRAINING - Substantially reworked. Our original narrator has been fed to a møøse. Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretti nasti...
  • We apologise for the fault in the patch notes. Those responsible have been sacked.
  • MENUS -
    • Added a multiplayer mode splash screen before the Match Browser. Dive directly into whichever game mode your heart desires.
    • Server browser interface has been updated to be a bit cleaner. Only functionality change is that the quick match button has been moved to the new MP menu.
    • Added color images for the game modes to replace the old white outlines.
    • Plasma balls are now more plasmier.
    • Låser bølts are now møøch fäster.
    • We apologise again for the fault in the patch notes. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.
    • Laser bolts are now slower.
  • GAME MANUAL - Our game manual threads have been redone. Please give them a look in case we pulled a Drunkelza.
  • CHA-CHING! - Kills are now more prominently displayed to the player who scored the kill.
  • INTRO VIDEO - Bohemian Rhapsody has disappeared.
  • MEET THE SHIPS - The first three videos in the "Meet the Ships" series have been added. You can find the Meet the Ships menu with videos for the Wasp, Panzer, and Shaman in the Drone Bay.
  • Respawn menu should no longer appear for players who died just before the end of a match.
  • Survival matches should now terminate correctly once the last living player leaves.
  • Fixed some compression artifacting on region icons
  • Energy recharge zones in Micro Tycho should no longer block shots
  • NEW - We fixed a couple typos in the new Survival stages. Thanks for the help, folks!
  • NEW - Added an extra step to hopefully prevent people from getting stuck on a black screen after the Meet The Ships videos.

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