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Stuff from 2506, plus EXTRA STUFF in 2527!!!

Posted by dunkelza , 29 August 2016 · 1,047 views

Stuff from 2506, plus EXTRA STUFF in 2527!!!

Howdy there, Undergrounders!


Thank you for your work on 2506! We've tweaked some things and added a bit more stuff for testing!


As always, please post your feedback in the appropriate forum thread:


Here are the items we need you to test in this build:


Testing in 2523:

  • JoystickPlugin improvements
    • Joysticks are now recognized and usable with the Linux version of DU!
    • Multiple joysticks of the same model should now be recognized independently.
      • IMPORTANT: This change will invalidate your existing joystick mappings. Until the control improvements make it to Production, do not remove your old bindings yet, but you will need to assign new ones to continue using your joystick on PG. Alternatively, you can duplicate your existing bindings and add a 0 to the end of the joystick name in each binding. For example: "Joystick_LogitechExtreme3DProUSB_Axis0" becomes "Joystick_LogitechExtreme3DProUSB0_Axis0"
    • Gamepads that only support DirectInput on Windows should now be recognized as gamepads using the pre-existing mappings.
  • Conquest Game Mode
    • Valor and Colosseum are available as testing grounds for the new Conquest game mode! This capture point-oriented game mode is being introduced as a potential replacement for Capture the Core.
    • Conquest's zone capture mechanic is identical to Survival's, so, if you've been playing Survival, you'll know what to expect when contesting a zone.
    • While the core from CtC and KotC is present, it is not mineable like it is in those modes. It also doesn't currently change color.
      • Incidentally, core mining is currently disabled in those modes. As is the color change.
    • Once a team has captured a zone, it will generate one point per second for that team towards a target score (target dependent on total number of zones). However, a contested zone cannot provide the last point for victory, so be careful of comebacks!
    • Conquest is designed to support an arbitrary (odd) number of zones. Valor has one capture point, while Colosseum has three, so please share your experiences with both configurations. Our hope is that Conquest plays just as well on small maps as it does on huge maps that don't even exist yet.
    • "Conquest" is a working title for this game mode similar to Battlefield. It is not necessarily the final name for this mode.
  • NEW MAP - Jittress gives us "The Shaft"! It's a huge map that can support multiple game modes.
  • Survival Mode in Charon-
    • A grinch-like individual stole many of the powerups from Charon
    • The crates also seem to be less "Monty Haul"
    • Good luck...
  • Razer Chroma, Logitech G, and AlienFX integration
    • This build contains our first pass at integrating Razer's Chroma, Logitech's G, and Alienware's AlienFX technologies. If you have a device compatible with one of these, it will turn orange in the menus and change to your team color in-game.
    • Taking damage will cause devices to flash red.
    • Razer Synapse, Alienware Command Center, or Logitech Gaming Software (depending on your specific RGB device) will need to be installed for this functionality to work.
Changes in 2506 that could always use more feedback:
  • Weapon Rebalance:
    • Plasma Cannon-
      • Blobs now travel more slowly to fill space better
      • Firing consumes less energy
    • Laser Cannon-
      • Bolts now travel slightly more slowly
      • Firing consumes less energy
    • Fusion Cannon-
      • Waves now travel slightly more slowly
      • Firing consumes less energy
    • Vulcan Cannon-
      • Rounds travel faster
      • Consumes more ammunition per use
      • Initial pickup provides slightly more ammo
      • Does slightly more damage
      • New particle effect
    • Frag Cannon-
      • Initial pickup provides slightly more ammo
      • Rounds travel slightly faster
      • Maximum range is a bit shorter
  • Rear View Camera:
    • Default key is "V" on keyboard.
    • Default button is "Right Stick PUSH" on gamepad.
    • A quick tap serves as a toggle, while holding the key will cause normal view to be restored on release.
  • Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Markers:
    • Hostiles will have a triangular marker ("dorito") above them.
    • Friendlies will have a round marker ("cookie") above them.
    • IFF defaults to Red Enemies and Blue Friendlies. This can be toggled to team colored IFF markers in Gameplay Options.
    • Known Issue: In some cases, IFF markers may display incorrectly at match start until the ship is destroyed.
  • "Typing" indicator
    • When a player is typing, their IFF indicator will switch to a speech bubble with ellipsis in it (maintaining same color scheme as IFF markers).
  • Settings Propagation
    • In addition to IFF marker color scheme, the FPS and ping displays on the in-game HUD no longer require a new match to change visibility. More settings will use the functionality in the future, but this is just an initial test.
  • Scoreboard key behavior changes
    • Like Rear View, the in-game scoreboard now uses tap-to-toggle, hold-and-release functionality.
  • Door sounds
    • Doors should no longer make repeated noises.
  • Panzer Role Point Support
    • Panzers will now get points for taking damage to their Blast Shields while allies are nearby.
  • Time spent on black screen while game starts should be significantly shorter

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