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Delisting from Early Access

Posted by dunkelza , 29 September 2017 · 1,633 views

Delisting from Early Access

Hey there, Descenters,


We want to thank you for coming along with us on this journey and for all of your playtesting feedback in early access. We very much appreciate your support and your trust as we finish the storyline campaign for our upcoming official release. In order to make that release happen sooner, we are taking the game off of Steam Early Access to focus on implementing single-player, tech trees, and the other cool features we’ve talked about.


This was a tough decision and the deciding factor was our commitment to you. We’ve found that for a small team, early access requires a tremendous time investment that slows down the development cycle. We want to speed the game-making process back up, which requires dedicating our time to creating new content rather than supporting a work-in-progress as if it were a finished game. This means we aren’t planning to update our Production environment until around the time of our official release. However, if you’ve already bought the game, you’ll still be able to play the current build while we work to finish the game.


You can continue to follow along with us on BrightLocker.com, where we are posting regular updates. It is also the only place we are continuing to offer early access as an option. As we mentioned this summer, we are focusing most of our communications on BrightLocker to save time for development. We understand that stepping back from early access is unusual. However, we wouldn’t take this step unless it were the best and most efficient way for us to deliver the gaming experience we are all dreaming of.


Thank you for your continued support,
-The Team

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