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Down Under, Demo, & Dang that's BIG in "Concorde"! (3370)

Posted by dunkelza , 24 July 2017 · 1,729 views

Down Under, Demo, & Dang that's BIG in "Concorde"! (3370)

Hi Descenters!
If you've read our update, you know that much of our work these last few months has been focused on finding a way to speed up development. We've been carefully defining our scope and clearly tasking out the steps we need to take to get there.


However, we do have a few minor improvements we want to get out into the world. Some of these are going to Production with an eye towards giving our current players more people to shoot at and a new server region to offer our friends Down Under a better ping!


We are also testing a gigantic new map on Proving Grounds with the help of our Undergrounders (Diamond). This map, Tartarus, is our largest yet! Playing it helps us make sure our servers are ready for playing campaign missions in co-op! It also shows off some of the grandeur (and secret areas) we talked about for Corporate War in the Kickstarter. Finally, Tartarus was largely built using assets we're developing for the new mapkit- the most important use of which is... you guessed it- the single-player campaign!


Thank you for your support and your hard work!
We'll see YOU in the mines!
-The Team


Production Patch Notes:

  • OCEANIA SERVERS - Players can now start matches on servers in Australia.
  • DEMO - Launching without owning the game will limit the player to using the Wasp.
    • This feature will be live on BrightLocker later this week, so tell your friends!
  • Miscellaneous tweaks and bug fixes.
Proving Grounds Patch Notes:
  • TARTARUS (New Map) -
    • Largest map yet, approximately the size of some single-player missions.
    • Multiplayer modes: Corporate War, Conquest, Anarchy, Team Anarchy, Miner Mayhem, Co-op Vs. AI
    • Single-player modes: Vs. AI, Test Flight
    • Still has a little beautification to finish.
    • Yes, it is possible to find the yellow key in the main part of the map.
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