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NEW Darker Map, Weapon Glow, Easier Valor, and MORE in "Tenebrae" (3012)!

Posted by dunkelza , 17 January 2017 · 3,243 views

NEW Darker Map, Weapon Glow, Easier Valor, and MORE in "Tenebrae" (3012)!

Happy New Year, Descenters!
We're happy to present this new build to you with lots of cool changes for you to try out!
What have we changed?
Well, we've turned down the lights in our newest map, Dead Moroz!

We've also turned up the lights on our energy weapon shots, so you should see some awesome glows as they fly toward your enemy's face!
We're trying out an easier difficulty setting for Vs. AI in Valor, too!
We've made lots of other tweaks as you can see in the Patch Notes below.
Please try this stuff out and give us your thoughts in the forums.
Thank you so much for your support!
-The Team


Patch Notes:

  • DEAD MOROZ - Goznik's map has been given the beautification treatment using Kaji's gorgeous new modular space station pieces. Please be on the lookout for any problem spawns, weird collisions, or holes in the geometry.
    • Dead Moroz is also using a different lighting methodology, so we'd like to hear about framerates and performance, too.
  • PLASMA - Apparently, the plasma shots had way too much fruitcake and egg nog over the holidays! While they are back to being green, they're a little sensitive about being called "blobs" right now. Are they big and beautiful, or do they need to go on a diet? They also now cast light onto nearby walls.
  • AFTERBURNER - New fuel management technology now allows your ship's main engines to fire for as little as one-half second, a 50% improvement in control! However, acceleration is no longer as punchy as it was. In addition, fuel consumption per second has increased such that each discrete boost still consumes one fuel unit. (Thanks Slysolid)
  • PROXIMITY MINES - Also binged on holiday food and got larger. Their trigger zone is the same size, just the visual changed.
  • SHIP SKINS - We removed the emissiveness (glow) of the base ship materials. This should make the "tron lines" pop a lot more, especially in the dark, and we think that'll look cool. We want to make sure that ships are still easy to pick out against the environment, but should also provide some opportunities to hide in darker areas.
    • A defunct mesh was present on some recharge zones and it could block shots. This has been removed.
    • An audio cue has been added to indicate charging in progress. This is a low humming sound.
  • TURRETS - They used to have anger management issues regarding freshly-spawned ships. Allies can no longer be targeted when spawning inside turret line-of-sight. (thanks Inspades). Turrets should also no longer appear closed for players joining the match after the turret is placed.
  • VS AI - We're experimenting with bringing the difficulty down on Vs AI to be less imposing for new players. Play on Valor to see this easier mode. We do plan on bringing back the current version of Vs AI soon as a difficulty option. (Thanks defcon_x)
  • LASERS - Laser bolts are now a mesh particle instead of a sprite (thanks Inspades). They are also larger and shed more light. (Thanks Rangers!)
  • FUSION - Fusion bolts now cast light onto nearby walls.
  • HOLIDAY 2016 - All of the holiday stuff should now be removed.
  • MAC & VIDEO - An issue that was causing video failures on the Mac should now be fixed, so the game is once more playable on Mac.
    • Departed players should no longer mess up the end-of-match score rankings. They can also no longer be reported as the winner.
    • When returning to the drone bay after a match, there is now a status window reporting that your client is waiting for the scoreboard. The standard drone bay UI is no longer accessible while this process occurs.
  • ENERGY TRANSFERER - No longer ignores line-of-sight.
  • WELCOME MESSAGES - They have returned from the purgatory of not being implemented in the new HUD!
  • BAMM - Ships can no longer get under certain floor panels in the upper section. (thanks, Phyrex!)
  • PROJECTILE REPLICATION - Projectiles were previously only being replicated to players within a certain (but not small) distance, which would result in projectiles appearing out of thin air when two ships fire at each other from across, say, the main room in Colosseum. This is no longer the case. Projectiles will now always be replicated to the client. This change only affects network play. (thanks, Phyrex!)
  • TRAINING MISSION - We've gotten a lot of great feedback on our first draft of the training mission. Because of this, we don't see it as fit for purpose for the time being, so it has been disabled until we give it another pass. (Wingman can not apologize enough for his crappy voice acting).
Also, one of our very own community members wrote a great article and mentioned us, thanks Austin Craig!!

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