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Spy Games, Basic Training, and MORE in "Avalanche" (2940)

Posted by dunkelza , 20 December 2016 · 1,017 views

Spy Games, Basic Training, and MORE in "Avalanche" (2940)

Happy Holidays, Rock Jocks!
Just in time for reindeer and dreidels, we've got an avalanche of fun, new gameplay in a wonderful new build!
Expand your team's awareness with electronic warfare, steal energy from foes and give it to your teammates, and take a Highway to the Danger Zone with buffed afterburners!

We hope you enjoy the new features and tweaks. As always, we'd love to hear your feedback in the forums.
Thank you so much for your support!
Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, and we'll see you all... Underground!
-The Team


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Patch Notes:

  • ENERGY TRANSFERER - The Warlock can now siphon energy from enemy ships (by stealing their disposable capacitors) and transfer energy to friendly ships, too!
  • SENTINEL ORB - The Predator can drop this gadget to provide radar coverage of an area to the whole team. You can only have two active at one time.
  • SCRAMBLER - The Shaman and Predator can both drop this gadget to jam radar and disable Sentinel Orbs in an area. You can only have one active at one time, and they last 60 seconds unless destroyed.
  • INTRO VIDEO - We have video! We hope you enjoy it! Feel the love! Unfortunately, this functionality isn't quite ready for the Linux version. We'll be getting it sorted out after the new year!
  • BASIC TRAINING - New to the game? Try out this tutorial mode! (Wingman promises the voice is a placeholder).
  • BAMM - More ore added, plus even more just for the Corporate War game mode.
  • MINER MAYHEM - The Miner should now have a harder time phasing through walls and escaping the map. Miner pickup radius increased, drag distance decreased, and drop position synced to carrying ship's gadget bone.
  • DEACTIVATOR - After the UCIA cited Aisha for the Warlock's ability to steal Boyd Ulbrick's pet rock, the Warlock's Deactivator tool can no longer steal from other ships. It can still steal deployed gadgets (laser grids, mines, etc., plus the new ones).
  • SHIELD ORBS - All PVP game modes (Anarchy, Corp War, etc.) should now no longer have random shield powerups on all maps. PVE (Vs. AI, Survival) modes should still have them. In addition, ships still drop Shield Orbs on death.
  • AFTERBURNER - Now looks cooler when you use it, and the acceleration has been kicked up, getting you to speed much quicker.
  • GAMEPAD - Default mappings for roll and tool/gadget have been swapped now that auto-level has been implemented.
  • FIELD-OF-VIEW - Better fitting of corners of the HUD.
  • SINGLE PLAYER - End-of-game splash screens have been added for single-player, including Training.
  • NETWORKING - Net performance improved for beam tools.
  • VALOR - We've added different mining blocks in new places and a new surprise!
  • Various bug fixes and adjustments.
Known Issues:
  • VIDEO ON LINUX - The video player for Linux is not allowing players to view the intro video and so has been temporarily disabled.

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